14 Trendsetting Clip In Extension Hairstyles for Effortless Glamour

14 Trendsetting Clip In Extension Hairstyles for Effortless Glamour

For many women, beautiful long locks seem out of reach. Genetics may have blessed you with fine, thin hair that refuses to grow. Or your hair grows at a snail's pace, never getting past your shoulders no matter how patiently you wait. Envy burns when you see Instagram models flaunting thick, waist-length tresses they were born with. But don't despair - you too can achieve gorgeous long hairstyles with the magic of clip-in hair extensions.

Opening a box of hair extensions can be a transformative experience for thin or short-haired girls. Luscious locks free of split ends, perfectly packaged and ready to be clipped in. Like a miracle, extensions allow you to go from a chin-length bob to cascading waist-length hair in minutes. Who cares if it's not natural when you can transform your look so easily? With the right techniques, you can style hair extensions for beautiful, natural-looking results.

This guide teaches you how to master clip-in extensions for beautiful hairstyles. Follow the step-by-step tips to blend, secure, add length, and style extensions seamlessly. Learn techniques to recreate salon looks at home. Clip-in hair extensions unlock endless possibilities for gorgeous hair transformations.

The Basics of Seamless Extension Styling

When considering hand-tied extensions, both quality and ethical sourcing matter. That's why Foxy Hair® uses only 100% Remy human hair, ethically sourced from thoroughly vetted partners for unparalleled softness and sheen.

As a direct-to-consumer company focused on luxury for less, Foxy Hair® produces premium clip-in pieces on a high-volume scale yearly, passing significant savings directly to you. All stocks ready-to-ship promptly with exceptional customer service backing each order.

Unlike large corporate retailers, we remain proudly family owned and operated for over 10 years, treating every client like one of our own with a superior purchasing experience from start to finish. Invest in Foxy Hair® extensions once, then treat yourself to effortless salon-worthy style day after day.

We stand firmly by the belief that sensational hair is a right deserved by all, regardless of age, background or identity. That's why we offer a customizable seamless blend to enhance natural beauty on your terms.

When styling hand-tied hair extensions, quality and care are key for a natural look. Start by consulting with experts to select premium human hair extensions professionally color-matched to your tone and density.

Proper placement also makes all the difference. Stylists recommend lightly backcombing roots for a secure hold, angling wefts to follow your hair's natural pattern, and strategically clustering and hiding clips to seamlessly blend with your growth.

Caring for extensions is equally important. Gently brush before and after wear, use sulfate-free cleansers when washing, and proper storage between uses to maintain softness and sheen.

Heat styling requires additional precautions - always prep damp strands with a protectant spray first to minimize damage from blow drying or hot tools. Invest in salon-quality irons and brushes designed specifically for extensions that detangle without pulling.

Handled with care, professionally installed hand-tied pieces become a customizable part of your style for months on end. Though delicate, with the right approach, these flowing locks only enhance your look.


Woman with chic low ponytail hairstylePonytail hairstyles are a chic, versatile choice. They only require minimal styling yet can suit any outfit or occasion. Ponytails compliment all hair textures and lengths.

The best part of ponytails is they let you frame your face when pulled up high. Then you can quickly style your hair for the gym or a date in just minutes.

Whether dressed up or casual, ponytails are an easy go-to look. They work for everything from workouts to nights out. Here are some ponytail styles:

  • Half Ponytail: Add volume and length to a half up style by clipping extensions underneath the crown area before pulling the top section into a ponytail. Blend real hair over the clips.

  • High Ponytail: For a sky-high pony, put in extensions upside down starting at the nape of the neck. Pull all hair straight up and secure into a sleek ponytail.

  • Low Ponytail: Brush hair smooth and clip horizontal rows of extensions in underneath the lower section. Gather all hair into a loose low ponytail, blending natural and faux pieces.

  • Side Ponytail: Part hair deeply and sweep it to one side. Place extensions on that side, curving them to lay smoothly. Pull into a side pony over the ear.

  • Braided Ponytail: Add texture by braiding natural hair and clipping in extensions below the braid. Finish with a ponytail.

Sleek and Straight Look

woman with long and straight hair extensionsFor those times when you want a polished, put-together look, straight hair hits the mark every time. The right clip-in hair extensions let you fake it 'til you make it with this iconic style. Aim for pieces made with real human hair for that ultra-smooth texture when ironed.

If your natural hair is curly or wavy, choose a set with thinner, flexible wefts that blend best and won't bulge. For extra sleekness, prep strands with a smoothing serum before blowing completely dry. Part down the middle or off to one side, then divide hair into sections and flat iron piece-by-piece, clamping down firmly as you run the iron slow and steady from roots to ends.

Be sure to get the nape area nice and straight - this is key for a seamless look. Clip in the extensions underneath the upper layers using a bobby pin to further secure, staggering across the back of your head. Use a comb to blend real and faux hair artfully before double-checking all clips are secured. Finish with a shiny serum for major mirror-like movement and healthy glow.

Though stunning year-round, extra long, glass-like locks are a go-to for the holiday party circuit. They photograph beautifully and feel dramatic swaying behind bare shoulders in an evening gown or jumpsuit. For warmer months, a collarbone length lob with piece-y ends maintains edge while allowing air flow. Pull straight tresses up into a slick high ponytail with hair elastic for weekend wear, letting shortened layers frame the face.

Voluminous Curls

Woman With Long Voluminous Hair Extension CurlsFor those days when you want to embrace your inner lioness with a lush curly mane, clip-in hair extensions are key for next-level volume. The best sets for curly styles use natural human hair that blends texture while retaining bounce when rolled or curled. Lightweight wefts also move better and won’t drag down natural waves.

Prep damp strands with a curl-enhancing mousse or cream before diffusing or air drying. Part hair deeply off-center, then work in rows, securing smaller wefts upside down horizontally just under the part line to amp fullness at the crown. Let pieces cool completely before gently finger-combing in sections to encourage soft bends and waves.

Define spirals by winding locks around a 1.5 inch curling iron. To intensify richness, backcomb the underlayers with a wide-tooth comb before curling the mid-lengths and ends. Wrap sections slowly and methodically in the same direction for consistency.

Let cooled curls rest untouched for volume. Then gently break them up into a lush, romantic mane with fingertips. Use bobby pins to secure any stray hairs around the wefts. Finish by raking through a lightweight curl cream to encourage springy movement and hydration without stiffness.

Braid Updos

Woman with braided hairstyle enhanced with clip-in extensionsClip-in hair extensions open up an endless world of intricate, head-turning braided styles that amplify thickness and length for a dramatic finished look.

A few braided hairstyles options to explore with the help of well-placed weft clips:

  • Dutch Braids - Cross strands under rather than over for a flat, lace-like braid near the crown.

  • Fishtail Braid - Plait tiny pieces in an interlocking zigzag pattern down the back.

  • French Fishtail Braids - Incorporate new hair as you weave a tight braid along the hairline.

  • Pancake Braids - Gently pull a finished braid's edges for added fullness and imperfection.

  • Mohawk Braids - Braid both sides tight to the scalp leading into a raised center strip.

  • Halo Braids - Circle two braids wrapping the head for an ethereal, boho vibe.

  • Mermaid Braids - Add interest by braiding in strands of colored hair extensions as you weave.

Simply secure extra hair with elastic band at the nape of the neck upside down first before braiding upward. This provides a seamless boost of body and length for ornate styles that truly wow. Finish by gently pulling outer pieces of a braid outward to disguise any clips.

Beach Waves

Woman with beach waves hairstyle using clip-in extensionsFrom laidback weekends to date nights out, breezy beach waves remain a beloved look. But without sufficient thickness or wave pattern, achieving that windswept style can prove difficult.

Start by prepping damp hair with a heat protectant along with mousse for light hold and texture. Ensure both natural and clip-in hair are completely dry first for effective curling. Working in layers, clamp 1-1/2 inch irons midway down strands, leaving ends out, and wrap away from the face in alternating directions.

Vary curl size and placement to mimic the organic ebb and flow of ocean strands. Once cooled, gently break apart defined clumps using fingers for loose, romantic definition. Finish with a misting of salt spray and flexible hold hairspray to lock in the lush, sexy shape.

For second-day texture, simply respray with salt spray and scrunch pieces. The end result? Bouncy, touchable waves that look straight off the beach. Extensions help boost body and move to play up your natural wave - no iron work required.

Messy Buns and Chignons
woman with messy bun hairstyle

There are certainly days when all we want is to toss our hair up into a bun or a chignon. When hiding hair extensions in your updos, start by matching the color of your hair extensions and strategically placing them, starting with the front and moving towards the back, for a seamless blend. Use backcombing and bobby pins to add volume at the crown and securely fix your hair, which helps conceal the clip-ins in stylish updos such as messy buns or low chignons.

Depending on your hair type, different types of clip-in extensions might be easier to hide extensions in updos compared to others. Natural beaded rows or large wefts, for instance, are generally easier to hide compared to tape-ins or I-Tip extensions. Embrace minor imperfections as they are often unnoticed by others, and begin practicing with simpler styles like ponytails to build confidence before attempting complex updos and braids.

Half Up Bun

Add sophisticated flair to your locks with a half up high bun using ombre chestnut clip-in extensions. This beachy boho look epitomizes carefree chic.

The half updo is so versatile - it can be a classic half-down style, low bun, top knot, or lower half up look perfected in just a few seconds. When pulling hair into a half-up pony, trace the clip-in weft with your finger to leave a quarter inch of hair to hide the extension. This creates fullness without exposing the weft.

To create a braided half up crown:

  • Place two 3-clip wefts at the bottom

  • Put one larger 4-clip weft above those

  • Add 1-clip wefts on the sides

  • Secure all wefts before braiding for a seamless full look

Accessorize your big messy bun with bows, clips or pins for a personalized vibe. Foxy Hair®'s wide selection of weft lengths and colors, from platinum blonde to hazelnut brown, makes intricate styling easy.

Vintage Waves

woman with hollywood style vintage waves hair extensionsChannel your inner Hollywood starlet with glamorous vintage waves created with clip-in extensions.This iconic, retro-chic look epitomizes old-school glamour.

To get those sensational finger waves at home:

  • Start by sectioning hair from crown to ear

  • Create a deep side part to enhance the curve

  • Prep strands with curl spray or light hold hairspray

When using curling iron:

  • Curl large sections with a 32mm barrel wand

  • Start at the bottom and curl towards your face

  • Curl all sections in the same direction for uniform waves

  • Once cooled, gently brush curls into soft sensual waves with a detangling brush. Use a comb to define the jointed wave pattern.

Seal the ends with an anti-frizz cream to keep that smooth, sleek texture. Finish this glam vintage style by brushing waves down, and positioning the deep side part to frame your brow.

Textured Twists and Turns

Thin hair can be tricky, but Foxy Hair® clip-ins make it easy to achieve longer hair, add volume and texture. Here are some tips:

  • Backcomb roots slightly before clipping in extensions to improve grip

  • Deep condition regularly to enhance thickness

  • Use serum for shine and smoothness

Follow these steps to create textured twists:

  • Clip extensions in as usual

  • Curl your natural hair

  • Twist front pieces back into a neck nape

  • Accessorize with clips or an asymmetric fringe to cover clip-ins

Foxy Hair®r's clip-ins are perfect for thin hair styles. Pomade helps grip hair before braiding a few smaller wefts seamlessly. With strategic placement, you'll achieve beautiful fuller locks.

We have a range of colors to match your shade - no need to settle for unnatural ombre hues.

Faux Bob

woman with faux short bob cut hair styleShort hair, long hair, we love it all. But sometimes you may crave the carefree styling of a bob without sacrificing your precious length. A chic faux bob is a temporary way to mimic a cropped cut for a fresh look using clip-in extensions.

For the sleekest faux shape, choose a set with the same hair texture and overlaying color as your natural growth. Thinner, flexible wefts and an evenly trimmed finish help minimize bulk when stacked in layers. Part hair sharply down the middle and secure longer top layers up with a jeweled clip or barrette.

Working on each side, snap wefts horizontally across the lower back of your head near the nape. Stagger 2-4 piece rows depending on desired density, placing the first row lowest to build a foundation. Smooth clipped layers with the top layers of hair left out for a polished finish.

Sweep hair left out in the front forward and inward to graze collarbones and frame cheeks for that quintessential blunt bob contour. Curl or flat iron the ends lightly under for sleek retro appeal. Finish by prepping with volumizing powder at the roots and ruffling for movement.

For an edgy wine-colored faux bob, weave in a few clip-in extensions in a bold magenta hue. On lazy evenings, simply pin up one side à la Veronica Lake, letting the other side cascade over one eye alluringly.

Mermaid Waves

woman with mermaid waves hair extensionsMermaid waves are the ultimate beachy, romantic style that's perfect for a day at the shore or a date night.

To get those effortless-looking mermaid locks:

  • Start with smooth, tangle-free hair, and add clip-in extensions for extra length and volume

  • Create loose, textured waves by curling sections with a large barrel curling iron

  • Alternate the curl direction to mimic natural movement

  • Use a wave-enhancing spray and gently break up the curls with your fingers

The key is to keep the waves beachy and relaxed, not too uniform.

Mermaid waves are ideal for:

  • Beach days or tropical getaways - show off your underwater flair

  • Summer parties and festivals - be a mystical sea siren

  • Romantic dates - channel your inner Ariel to impress your Prince Eric

  • Costume parties or Halloween - complete your mermaid costume

Bangs and Fringes

woman with fringe hair extensionsWispy bangs and face-framing fringes instantly refresh your look and surprisingly simple. Clip in bangs is a risk-free way to rock a fringe without the cut. Choose from blunt bangs, soft curtains or choppy shredded layers based on your style.

Prep your canvas by clasping longer top and side hair securely behind ears with clips. Part hair down the middle to expose the forehead perimeter. Slide large snap clips vertically into the hairline first to anchor, then fill in space along the part and center with smaller clips.

Customize the length and shape of the removable fringe to complement your features - trim longer pieces or texture ends. Blend with the front pieces of your real hair for the most seamless result. Style faux bangs just like your own growth - blow-dry, curl or flat iron as desired.

DIY Braided Crown

You can get crafty with a DIY braided crown using clip-in extensions. This woven wonder elevates any look.

Gather your materials:

  • 20 inch long, 4 inch wide hair extension piece

  • Thin elastic headband or elastic strip

  • Clear elastic hair tie

  • Needle and thread

Now let's get braiding:

  • Start with a regular braid to establish the pattern

  • Gently tug edges for a fuller, more natural look

  • Wrap the extension around the headband and stitch it in place to create a base

  • Separate into three sections, making the middle slightly larger to cover the headband

  • Incorporate the headband into the braid to keep it flat and hidden

  • Continue tightly braiding until hair gets too thin

  • Finish off with a clear elastic tie

Secure your masterpiece to the top of your head or in top knots with bobby pins for a headband effect.

Sultry Side Swept Styles

woman with sultry side swept hair extensions styleA sultry side-swept style looks perfect your night-out glam.

For seamless blending, choose clip-ins that match your natural hair color and texture. Start with clean, tangle-free hair and gently brush the extensions before clipping them in.

To get the look:

  • Tease roots where clips will go to prep a secure base

  • Strategically place wefts on one side of your head

  • Sweep hair over to the opposite side, pinning as needed

  • Use a fine-tooth comb to smooth any flyaways

  • Check the mirror from all angles to ensure extensions blend beautifully


We've covered a lot of endless styling potential of clip-in hair extensions. From upgrading basic ponytails to crafting gorgeous braided crowns and sultry night-out looks, clip-ins make it easy to completely transform your hair. No more hair envy - just quick glam.

Clip-ins allow you to become your best hair self. Don't wait to embrace their flexibility and ease of use. With the right techniques, you can achieve salon-worthy styles in the comfort of your home.

So don't be afraid to try new hairstyles with your Foxy Hair® extensions. Visit our website today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear your hair up with clip in extensions?

Yes, you can wear your hair up with clip-in extensions.

What are the disadvantages of clip ins?

Clip-ins can cause damage to your natural hair if not applied and removed properly. They may also feel uncomfortable if worn for too long.

How do you style clip on extensions?

To style clip-on extensions, snap the clips shut, release the hair over the weft, and blend it with the extensions using a comb or your fingers for a seamless look. Repeat this process with horizontal partings for a natural appearance.

How long does clip in extensions last?

Clip in extensions can last anywhere from three to six months, or even longer, if you take good care of them and avoid damage. To make them last, be sure to handle the installation and removal with care.

How can I achieve a natural look with clip-in extensions?

To achieve a natural look with clip-in extensions, choose extensions that match your hair color and density. Then, prepare your natural hair properly and strategically place the extensions for a seamless blend.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose high-quality clip-ins that match your hair color for a natural look. Careful placement helps conceal them.

  • Clip-ins can elegantly enhance ponytails, updos, braids, and mermaid waves with more volume and length.

  • Get creative with clip-ins by making braided headbands or trying out bangs without commitment.