The Roxy Story

Roxy Hair Team

At Roxy Hair, we believe that true beauty starts with confidence, and nothing boosts confidence quite like a gorgeous hair day. And to be honest, we’ve had it with seeing beautiful people wearing hair extensions that didn’t meet the level of quality or comfort they deserve. That's why we created Roxy Hair, where we're committed to providing you with high-quality, ethical Remy hair extensions. Our mission is to help showcase your natural beauty while empowering you to express your unique style however you decide to do so.

You see, our journey began with a simple desire to bring great hair to great people. Founded by a small yet passionate team with headquarters in the United Kingdom and California, we know that ethically sourced, premium-quality hair extensions are for anyone and everyone, regardless of age, religion, background or expression. From meetings with our sourcing partners in Asia to developing stunning shades in the lab, there are 3 things our team at Roxy Hair will always bet on: the right to love, the right to feel good, and the right to a damn good hair day. 

Because at Roxy Hair, we're not just about selling hair extensions; we're creating a self-love movement, baby. Our company values transparency, integrity, and inclusivity, and we're proud to uphold these values in everything we do. From our ethical sourcing practices to our commitment to customer satisfaction, we’re here to provide you with an experience beyond beautiful hair by encouraging you to live your best life - one filled with beauty, confidence, and the ones you love. 

Busy at work for the last year perfecting our hair extensions, our team is a group of dedicated salon owners who have years of experience and results in creating head-turning hair extensions. And now we’re proud to offer you the final product: gorgeous, easy-to-wear hair extensions that you can use where and whenever you feel like. So dive into your self-love affair with Roxy Hair extensions, and see how fast your confidence flies! Browse our selection of shades to see what color you’ll love, and get ready to say hello to your better half. 

See you there!