What is Human Remy Hair? Discover the Elegance of Luxurious Style

What is Human Remy Hair? Discover the Elegance of Luxurious Style

With online trends from Instagram to TikTok and from celebrities to influencers, you may have come across the term "Remy Hair". We get asked often, what is it exactly? Not only what human Remy hair is but why it's considered to be the finest form of quality and elegance in the world of hair extensions. The Foxy Hair team have outlined below everything you need to know about human Remy Hair.

  • Understanding Human Remy Hair is essential for its superior quality, versatility and durability.

  • Remy Hair offers a natural look with great quality and unique styling options and long-lasting durability.

  • When choosing Remy Hair you should consider your budget and the hairstyle your desire to obtain the best match for your needs.

Understanding Human Remy Hair

A bundle of natural-looking Remy human hair extensions

In the realm of hair extensions, Remy Hair stands as the highest form of quality. This superior grade of human hair offers unmatched versatility and durability, making it a preferred choice in the leading hair salons worldwide. Understanding hair quality terms like ‘Remy’ equips consumers like you to correctly assess the hair you're purchasing for the best possible appearance and longevity.

The quality of Remy Hair is influenced by its origin and manufacturing processes. Unlike non-Remy hair, the cuticles in Remy Hair are aligned in the same natural direction, reducing tangling and ensuring a more natural look and feel. With the cuticle intact, Remy Hair provides improved texture and durability. At Foxy Hair, our hair avoids the acid bath process during manufacturing, as it can harm the hair cuticles, leading to inconsistencies in hair direction and impacting the overall quality.

Defining Remy Hair

Remy Hair, human hair with aligned cuticles, assures a tangle-free and natural appearance. Its similarity to one’s own hair and high-quality grade make it a popular choice for those striving for a natural look.

Remy Hair sets itself apart from other hair types. Unlike Brazilian hair, the term ‘Remy’ does not specifically denote its origin. In contrast to Non-Remy hair, which lacks aligned cuticles and is coated in silicone to enhance luster but is more prone to tangling, Remy Hair is exclusively crafted from human hair with all the cuticles aligned in the same direction, providing a more authentic look and feel.

Benefits of Remy Hair

The popularity of Remy Hair is due to its natural look, which offers a premium and authentic appearance, which significantly contributing to its appeal. Its superior human hair quality is considered the highest quality to other types of hair extensions.

Remy human hair can be colored and styled, allowing for a high level of customization. However, virgin human hair is also popular with some, which is a type of Remy Hair but it unprocessed and is sold in it's natural state.

When cared for properly, Remy Hair extensions have exceptional durability and longevity, which can last from six months to over a year (far surpassing the other varieties of hair extensions).

Comparing Virgin, Remy and Non-Remy Hair Types

Comparison of Virgin, Remy, and Non-Remy hair types

Selecting between Virgin, Remy, and Non-Remy hair usually boils down to finding the ideal balance between the quality and cost. Virgin hair is the highest quality and is the most expensive. However, Remy hair provides a more affordable compromise between quality and cost, while still maintaining an impressive lifespan and quality. On the other hand, Non-Remy hair, being the cheapest option, does not offer the same level of durability or quality at all.

Remy hair offers tangle-free durability as a result of its aligned cuticles and is considered a high-quality option with a longer lifespan compared to Non-Remy hair. Non-Remy hair is more susceptible to damage and tangling due to the presence of non-unidirectionally aligned hairs. Also, Non-Remy hair lasts around 6 months maximum due to its mixed and often chemically processed nature.

When deciding between Virgin, Remy, and Non-Remy hair, it is important to factor in not just your budget, but also the expected quality and lifespan. A professional hair salon can help you make the best choice based on your needs and budget.

Ethical Sourcing of Remy Hair

Ethical sourcing of Remy Hair is so important for us at Foxy Hair and should be to all. Maintaining integrity and quality of hair extensions involves obtaining hair from donors who willingly provide their hair, often from temples in India, ensuring good practices and supporting local communities fairly. The collection of Remy Hair is done through either shaving the head or cutting the hair by ensuring that the strands remain properly aligned. This method is pivotal for preserving the cuticle direction, which in turn results in high-quality Remy Hair.

Unethical sourcing of human hair extensions in the hair industry includes instances where individuals are compelled to sell their hair due to poverty or hardship and forced to selling unwillingly. These practices demonstrate a lack of respect for the dignity of individuals.

An good example of ethically sourced Remy Hair is temple hair, which originates from donors in India who willingly donate their hair as a religious offering, thereby supporting local communities and upholding the integrity of the hair extensions market. The Foxy Hair team have visited some temples in Ranthambore and spoken to donors first hand to ensure they're happy to sell their hair.

Grading System for Remy Hair

Remy Hair has a scaling system that ranges from 7A to 10A. The higher the grade means the thicker, more easily colorable and styleable the hair is. We always recommend going for a grade 8 or above, as you will notice the difference in the hair’s condition and the quality of the cuticle layer together with the alignment of the cuticles.

Caring for Your Remy Hair Extensions and Wigs

Proper care and maintenance of Remy hair extensions

With proper care and maintenance, Remy hair extensions have the potential to last between 12 to 24 months, which is a lot more compared to fake hair extensions. The lifespan of Remy hair extensions does vary though and with good maintenance, they usually last around for 6-8 months on average.

If you want your hair-extensions to have a longer lifespan, it’s crucial to:

  • Wash the extensions regularly to prevent from oils building up

  • Use quality shampoo and conditioner (sulfate-free)

  • Pre-shampoo the wefts

  • Avoid using extensions when wet (to prevent tangling)

  • Don't use a blow dryer for drying

  • Don't use any products that contain harsh chemicals

  • If possible, wash your extensions every fortnight to maintain hygiene and remove any odors

Styling Possibilities with Remy Hair

Versatile styling options with Remy human hair

Remy Hair offers a wide range of styling possibilities that can truly set your look apart. Whether it’s for a special occasion or everyday wear, you can style Remy Hair with heat too, which gives a personalized look, similar to natural hair.

In regards to applying heat, it's best to apply a heat protector spray before using hot tools to avoid heat damage. Some of the most effective heat protection products for Remy Hair extensions include:

  • Zala’s Revive Me spray

  • COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

  • Pureology Color Fanatic Leave-In Treatment Spray

  • ArtNaturals Thermal Hair Protector Spray

  • Evo Icon Welder Heat Protection Spray

  • OUAI Memory Mist Heat Protectant.

While Remy Hair can be heat-styled on a regular basis, it is advisable to use heat-styling tools in moderation and to avoid excessive heat in order to prevent damage.

Remy Hair vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

When comparing Remy Hair to artificial hair extensions, the difference in quality and lifespan is obvious and immediately apparent. Remy Hair offers a more authentic appearance and a softer texture that closely emulates the movement of natural hair. Whereas, artificial hair extensions have a coarser texture and do not possess the natural feel and moisture of human hair extensions.

Remy Hair extensions are known for their long lifespan. In contrast to artificial hair extensions typically have a much shorter lifespan, often lasting as little as 1 month. The better value that Remy Hair extensions have compared to artificial hair extensions justifies their higher cost.

Choosing the Right Remy Hair for You

When deciding which Remy Hair to buy, you should consider several factors, such as your budget. While high-quality Remy hair made from virgin hair can be more costly. You can buy more economical options that have undergone alterations to achieve different colors and textures.

The hairstyle you require also influences the Remy Hair you choose. Due to its 100% natural texture, Remy Hair enables the attainment of various desired hairstyles, ensuring the best match for your individual preferences.

Popular Remy Hair Origins: Indian, Malaysian, and Mongolian Hair

Different Remy hair origins: Indian, Malaysian, and Mongolian hair

Remy Hair, obtained from different parts of the world comes with its own unique characteristics and qualities. Most Remy Hair comes from India, Malaysia and Mongolia.

For example, Malaysian Remy hair is renowned for its:

  • Soft, silky, and shiny texture

  • Natural luster that mimics human hair

  • Natural density that reduces the likelihood of frizz

  • Luxurious appearance and feel

This distinguishes it from other types such as Indian or Brazilian hair.

On the other hand, Mongolian Remy hair:

  • Has a slightly coarser texture than Indian hair but retains a glossy and sleek appearance

  • Is renowned for its high quality, intact cuticles, and uniform length due to being double drawn

  • The processing technique emphasizes durability and longevity, making it a desirable choice for individuals seeking top-tier hair extensions.


In conclusion, the elegance of Remy Hair lies in its superior quality, natural appearance, and versatility. Whether you’re choosing between Virgin, Remy, or Non-Remy hair, considering ethical sourcing, or exploring styling possibilities, understanding the intricacies of Remy Hair can help you to make you make the right choice to best suit your style, preferences, and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is better Remy hair or human hair?

Remy hair has a smoother, shinier and healthier look with amazing feel and longer wear time. It is an excellent investment for those who want premium quality hair.

What does 100% human Remy hair mean?

100% human Remy hair is the highest grade of real human hair, with intact and un-stripped cuticles that all face the same direction. This is what you should look for when purchasing human hair extensions.

How long does Remy human hair last?

With proper care and maintenance, Remy human hair extensions can last up to 6-10 months.

Where does Remy human hair come from?

Remy hair is predominantly sourced from India and China. It is sought after for its cuticle that remains intact, pointing in the same direction.

What distinguishes Remy Hair from other hair types?

Remy Hair is the highest grade of human hair with aligned cuticles, providing a tangle-free and natural look, similar to one's own hair. It is the best choice for quality clip-in hair extensions.