Are Clip In Hair Extensions Good? Discovering the Truth Behind Quick Volume & Length

Are Clip In Hair Extensions Good? Discovering the Truth Behind Quick Volume & Length

So, are clip in hair extensions good? Many are ask us through the Roxy Hair chat and often not sure how to reply. We’re all looking for instant volume and length, but do they deliver without harming our natural hair or requiring constant maintenance? Here’s the lowdown on the pros and cons of clip in hair extensions to help you decide.

Quick Facts

  • Clip in hair extensions are quick, easy and commitment-free. Transform your look without a salon visit.

  • They’re kind to your natural hair – a temporary styling solution without the damage of permanent extensions or heat and chemicals.

  • Maintenance (gentle washing and storage) is key to keep them looking great for repeated use and confidence boosting.

How Clip In Extensions Work

Clip in hair extensions are super popular and for a good reason. The simple clip-in design makes them a favorite for those who want a quick makeover without the commitment or cost of a salon visit. Imagine walking out with a full head of thick hair and then easily going back to your natural look by the end of the day – that’s what clip-ins offer.

For special occasions or just a change of pace, our silky and soft hair extensions blend with your hair and give you that salon-fresh look in an instant with extension hair.

Application and Removal Made Easy

What makes clip in hair extensions special is the application. With a few clips, you can change your look in minutes. Depending on the volume you want, you might use four to ten wefts, each one snapping in place. And if you’re short on time, you’ll love that you can pre-style your extensions before clipping them in – a real time-saver for busy mornings or spontaneous outings.

But what about when the day is done? Removal is just as easy. Gently unclip each weft and store them away until next time. The best part? This can all be done without tangling your natural hair, keeping it healthy and intact.

DIY Beauty: No Professional Needed

Clip in extensions are all about DIY beauty. With pre-attached clips that open and close, even non-hair extension experts can look professional. These little gems allow anyone to add hair from the comfort of their own home. All you need is a mirror and your hands to clip them in.

But it’s not just the application that’s user-friendly; it’s also the adjustability. Whether you have a small or large head, or thick or thin hair, the clips can be adjusted to fit. That, combined with the simplicity of the design, means you can skip the stylist and still look like a million bucks.

For Experimentation

Ever wanted to try longer hair without the long-term commitment of a salon treatment? Clip in extensions are your playground. They’re a commitment-free way to try out different hairstyles.

Whether you want a ponytail extension for a night out or a longer style for a season, clip ins let you change it up whenever you want.

How to Style with Clip Ins

Clip in hair extensions don’t just add length and volume; they give you styling versatility to take your hair to new lengths. From elegant updos to playful ponytails, the options are endless. And because they’re so easy to wear, you can change your look as often as you change your outfit – without ever leaving the salon. Here are some popular hairstyles you can create with clip in hair extensions:

  • Straight hair

  • Curly hair

  • Half-up half-down

  • Braids

  • Messy buns

  • High ponytails

With clip in hair extensions, you can wear extensions to get any hairstyle you want and change your look in minutes.

Different Looks

The versatility of clip ins makes it easy to create different looks. Clip-ins can be used for:

  • Cascading waves for a night out

  • Professional updo for a business meeting

  • Layers for those with shorter hair

  • Depth and movement

  • Thickness for braids and ponytails

Clip ins have you covered for all hair and any hairstyle.

But it’s not just about volume – it’s also about style. Choose the length and volume and you can go from shoulder-length bobs to waist-length curls or even long hair. Clip ins let you change your look to match your mood, event, or personal style – they’re a must-have in your beauty bag.

Blending with Natural Hair

Technique is everything when it comes to blending with clip in extensions. Here’s how:

  1. Section your hair and layer the extensions in. Make sure they’re secure and comfortable.

  2. To hide short layers and create a uniform look, place smaller wefts near the face.

  3. A bit of backcombing at the roots and some hairspray will help the clips stay in all day.

But what’s the secret to making your extensions invisible? A natural finish. Use a wide-tooth comb or an extension brush to style your clip ins with your natural hair and create a look that’s both gorgeous and real. Right application means your extensions will blend and give you that “all my own hair” confidence.

Lengths and Volumes

Clip in extensions are customizable to your style. They come in lengths:

  • 12 inches for a playful bounce

  • 16 inches for medium length

  • 20 inches for long

  • 22 inches for long and elegant

For thinner hair, lightweight half-sets are also available to add volume without weight. So you can wear clip ins without discomfort.

Natural Hair Protection

One of the best things about clip in hair extensions is they’re harmless. Unlike permanent extensions that require heat or chemicals for application, clip ins are a protective styling option for your natural hair. So you can wear any look you want without compromising your hair – have your cake and eat it!

No Chemicals or Heat Required

If you want to avoid the damage that comes with chemical and heat styling, clip ins are the way to go. Since they can be pre-styled and clipped in, there’s no need to subject your hair to harsh processes. And when it comes to maintenance, gentle shampoos and conditioners are all you need. When purchasing from brands like Roxy Hair, it means your clip ins haven’t been exposed to any damaging chemicals, so both your extensions and your natural hair are protected.

And no heat during application is a big plus. Clip ins are cold-applied, so your hair won’t suffer from hot tools. That’s especially good for fine or sensitive hair as it reduces damage and breakage and keeps your natural hair healthy.

Temporary Changes, Permanent Health

Choosing clip in extensions is smart for your hair’s long-term health. Unlike permanent extensions that can cause hair loss and damage over time, clip ins are a temporary solution that’s gentle on your hair. Applied and removed properly, they won’t pull on your strands or create tension that causes thinning hair. So you can play with styles without worrying about the long-term effects.

Clip ins are variety without commitment. You can change your style as often as you want without any long-term effect on your hair. That’s good for anyone who likes to change looks frequently or is still figuring out their signature style. With clip ins, you can sleep peacefully knowing your natural hair will be healthy and strong no matter how many times you change your look.

Hair Follicle Friendly

When it comes to extensions, you don’t want to strain your scalp. Luckily, clip ins are hair follicle friendly. Applied properly, they lie flat against the head, spread the weight evenly, and don’t pull. Some even have silicone-covered clips for fine or delicate hair.

Wear your clip ins in different positions and not daily to reduce stress on your hair follicles and keep your natural hair as healthy as the day you first clipped in.

High-End Options for All Hair Types

The clip in hair extensions sector is big and broad and covers all hair types and tastes. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or coily hair, there’s a clip in set for you. At Roxy Hair, we've made sure everyone can find their match with a rainbow of colors and styles to choose from.

Human Hair vs Synthetic: Which to Choose

The debate about human hair vs synthetic hair extensions goes on as both have their pros. Remy human hair extensions are the gold standard – natural looking and smooth. They blend with your own hair and can be styled like it. But they’re more expensive – a factor to consider if you’re on a budget. Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper and look surprisingly real but lack longevity and styling options of human hair.

When deciding between the two, think about your needs and lifestyle. If you want the natural look and feel and plan to heat style your extensions, human hair is the way to go. But if you want a budget-friendly way to add some flair to your hair for a special occasion, synthetic clip ins might be the answer. Just match the texture and color as closely as possible to your natural hair.

Textured Hair Solutions

If you have textured hair, you need to find clip ins that match your curl pattern. At Roxy Hair our Remy hair extensions are made to embrace and enhance your natural hair, not to hide it.  

The key to wearing extensions with textured hair is to make sure they behave like your natural hair. That means choosing extensions that can go from a gentle wave to a tight curl. With the right match, your clip ins will blend in so well, you won’t be able to tell where your hair ends and the extensions begin. It’s the way to add volume and length while staying true to the texture you love.

Color and Customization

But what about color? Clip in extensions from Roxy Hair give you the option to match your color perfectly or add highlights and lowlights without dyeing your natural hair. High-end human hair extensions can be custom dyed to your exact color and cut to blend with your layers by a professional. You can even blend two colors to create a voluminous, multi-tonal look. Just remember, while you can customize clip ins to your heart’s content, they may not blend as precisely as individual extensions.

Clip In Extension Maintenance and Care

Maintenance and care are key to clip in extensions. Just like your natural hair, extensions need love and attention to stay healthy. But don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds. With a few simple routines and the right products, your clip ins will live long and prosper.

How to Clean

  1. Brush them to remove any tangles.

  2. Wash – soak each weft in warm water, shampoo with a sulfate-free shampoo and rinse well.

  3. Condition – and maybe deep condition occasionally to keep them soft and glossy.

  4. Dry – lay flat on a towel and air dry.

  5. If you must heat, use the lowest setting with heat protectant.

The key is to be gentle – rough handling will damage extensions and they won’t last. Treat your clip ins like your own hair and they’ll keep looking great.


Storing your clip in hair extensions properly is crucial. After each use, make sure they’re dry before putting them away to prevent matting and mold. The original packaging is often designed to be reused and is a great first choice. But a hair extensions carrier or satin-silk lined pouch can provide extra protection if you’re on-the-go. Whatever you choose, put your extensions in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight to prevent color change and hair fiber degradation.

A hair extensions carrier is super helpful as it allows you to hang the extensions and keep their shape while air drying or styling. It’s a simple solution to extend the life of your clip ins and have them looking beautiful and ready to wear whenever you want.

Routine Care

Consistency is key to clip in extensions. Brush with a loop brush or wide-tooth comb to prevent tangles and damage. This routine care distributes natural oils throughout the extensions, which is important for shine and moisture.

Human hair extensions, when cared for, can last up to a year or more, while synthetic have a shorter life. Remember, the more you take care of your clip ins, the more they’ll level up your hair.

Real People with Clip In Extensions

Real people who have worn our clip in hair extensions share their stories. Everyday users to special occasion stylists, the reviews are all positive, and the results are more than skin deep.

Transformations and Confidence

For many, the appeal of clip in extensions is the instant transformation. Users love going from short to long, thin to thick in minutes and getting a confidence boost and compliments galore. The change is so dramatic it’s not just about looks, it’s about mood too.

One user said her clip ins made her feel beautiful when her natural hair wasn’t. It’s these personal wins, these happy moments, that’s what clip in hair extensions mean to people.

Long-Term Happiness

Long-term users show how long clip in extensions really last. Many have been wearing them for years and love the quality, ease of use and how natural they look. With care, clip ins can last months, if not years, and are a cheaper alternative to salon extensions.

They’re also super versatile – remove for a swim or workout, then reattach for a night out. That’s a big reason why clip ins are part of many beauty routines.

Tips from Seasoned Wearers

Seasoned clip in users are full of wisdom and hacks. One tip is to layer wefts or attach two together before clipping in, which saves time and adds volume. Another is to rotate the clip placement to not put stress on the same areas of your scalp and protect your natural hair.

It’s these little things that make all the difference in your clip in experience and turn a good hair day into a great one.

Choosing: Are Clip Ins for You?

Now that you know all the benefits of clip in hair extensions, you might be wondering if they’re for you. Your hair type, lifestyle and beauty goals are all things to consider when deciding to join the clip in club.

From trying different lengths and styles to a quick fix for thinning hair, clip ins can be for many. But, like any beauty product, they’re not one size fits all.

Assess Your Hair

Think about your hair’s thickness, texture and health when it comes to clip in hair extensions. If you have very fine or thin hair, you need to be careful as clips can show through. But clip ins are for all hair types and with the right placement and style, they look just as natural on fine hair as they do on thick hair.

For active people or those who like to change up their look often, clip ins are a low-maintenance option.

Weighing Up

As with any decision, weighing up the pros and cons is key. Clip in extensions are easy and flexible but require maintenance and can damage if misused. Think about how much you’re willing to care for them and how often you’ll wear them.

If you like the idea of trying out hair but are worried about the damage from permanent extensions, clip ins are the middle ground.

Consultation Recommendations

If you’re still unsure, consulting a professional is super helpful. A stylist can give you personalized advice based on your hair type and needs and recommend the best clip in extensions for you. They’ll also teach you how to apply and style.

With that expertise, you’ll make an informed decision and enjoy your clip ins.


Now that we’ve dived deep into clip in hair extensions, it’s clear they’re easy, protective and low-commitment. Whether you want a temporary style change, a hair loss solution or just for fun, clip ins are worth adding to your beauty arsenal. With care and the right choice, they’ll last long and give you confidence. Try them out!


How long do clip-in hair extensions last?

Clip-in hair extensions last 3-6 months and up to a year with care. It’s all about how you look after them.

Can clip-in hair extensions damage my natural hair?

Clip-in hair extensions shouldn’t damage your natural hair if applied and removed properly. Just don’t wear them in the same spot every day and not too tight.

How often should I wash my clip-in hair extensions?

You don’t need to wash your clip-in hair extensions as frequently as your natural hair. Wash them after 15-20 wears or when they have product buildup.

Can I use heat styling tools on my clip-in hair extensions?

Yes, you can use heat styling tools on human hair clip-in extensions with heat protectant. No heat on synthetic hair extensions.

Are clip-in hair extensions for all hair types?

Yes, clip-in hair extensions are for all hair types but fine/thin hair needs extra care.