Best Festival Hair Extensions Ideas for your Next Event

Best Festival Hair Extensions Ideas for your Next Event

Let's be real - one of the best parts of festival season is going all out with your hair. When else can you rock those bold, daring, over-the-top hairstyles without anyone batting an eye? At huge music fests like Coachella, the crazier your tresses, the better.

That's why festival hair is just so much fun. It's the one time you can truly let loose and get wildly creative without worrying about looking too "extra." Rainbow bright streaks, flower crowns, funky braids down to there? Bring it on. The main stage is yours.

If you're as hairstyle-obsessed as we are, you're probably already dreaming up your festival hairstyle. Well, get ready to be inspired by some sizzling hot hair extension ideas. Whether you're hitting up the biggest music bash of the year or just channeling fest vibes at home, this guide has you covered. We're talking festival hair ideas like boho waves, fishtail braid, high ponytail and more other hairstyles look to have you stealing the spotlight. Let's dive deep.

Key Takeaways

  • Must-haves: dry shampoo, texture spray, leave-in conditioner, heat protectant, glitter hair products

  • Stylish hairstyles: braids, half-up half-down, high ponytails, space buns - use extensions for volume

  • Keep hair fresh: braid it back, use dry shampoo, find shade, protect from sun, store extensions properly

  • Best extensions: clip-ins like Roxy Hair's seamless, high-quality Remy human hair for easy length

Popular Festival Hairstyles

Music festivals tend to be crowded events with humid temperatures. To stay comfortable, opt for lightweight, breezy hairstyles but still has that "extra length" like these cute festival hairstyles:

Dutch Braids

This reverse French braid creates a cool twisted effect mounted on top of your hair instead of blended in. Keep it casual with a few face-framers or go intricate - try a loose pony or double Dutch braids. Extensions add beautiful thickness and length.

French Plaits

woman at festival with French Plaits

Braid a French plait straight down the middle, leaving the rest of your hair loose for an effortless vibe. This keeps strands out of your face while adding a chic bohemian touch. Extensions give you princess-level length to swoop dramatically.

Skinny Braids

woman with skinny braids in car on the way to a festival

A sprinkling of thin micro braids delivers free-spirited '70s flair. Section off thin strands and start braiding them, adding extensions where needed for density. Style braids to frame the face.

Rave Braids

woman with blonde rave braids at festival

Get that dance rocker-chick undercut style with braids along your hairline on one side or both. Rake extensions through the top for amazing height and volume. A backcombed quiff adds dramatic glamour.

Braided Headbands

For a halo braid, french or dutch braid a section around the head, using extensions to continue around. For a front braid, do a tight braid across the forehead.

Unicorn Buns

woman with viral unicorn horn bun at festival

This viral unicorn horn bun is a total showstopper. Use a hair doughnut or foam piece on top of the head. Wrap and pin hair smoothly over it, adding extensions for length/color.

Space Buns

woman at festival with 2 space buns

These dual topknot "space buns" offer Festival goddess-meets-modern edge. Split hair in half and create two topknot buns on either side of the head. Use extensions to add fullness.


The simple DIY topknot is festival hair at its easiest. Make a simple tight bun on top of the head. Wrap extensions around the base to bulk it up.

Curly Loose Waves

woman going to festival with Curly Loose Waves

Easy style your hair extensions by enhancing natural curl pattern using curl creams/gels. Blend in extensions for extra volume and definition.

Half Up Half Down

If you can't decide if you want your hair up or down, have it both ways with this cute half-up look. Pull the top portion into a stylish knot or pony, leaving the rest flowing freely. Extensions give mega length and fullness that elevates this style instantly.

Textured Pigtails

woman at festival with textured pigtails

Pigtails get a major glow-up thanks to mermaid waves and vibrant color melts with clip-in extensions. Go subtle or bold with bright streaks in pinks, blues, purples - whatever vibe you're going for. Wrap it up with face-framing tendril curls for a final boho-fabulous touch.

Bubble Tendrils

Skip braiding your ponytail. Instead, tie it off in small sections using thin hair ties. Then pull on each section to make it poufy and bubble-like. Let a few pieces loose around your face for a romantic touch. Bubbling is an effortless way to make your ponytail look intricate.

Festival Hair Accesories

Hair accessories have been super popular lately, and festivals are the perfect place to try them out. With so many different styles, you can experiment and find accessories that complement your hair type and length.

  • Headbands and Bandanas: Headbands are ideal for keeping bangs and fly-aways off your face. And bandanas can be worn in so many ways - as headbands, hair wraps, or tied around braids.

  • Butterfly Clips and Pearl Pins: Get playful with brightly colored butterfly clips or elegant pearl bobby pins scattered throughout your own hair style. Butterfly clips give you a fun, whimsical 90s vibe. While pearl pins provide a chic, delicate touch. Both accessories allow you to creatively accent your festival look.

  • Silk Headbands: Not only are silk headbands ultra comfy, but they come in every color of the rainbow. Go vibrant and eye-catching or soft and understated to match your outfit. They're also a savior for covering up oily roots or frizz when you haven't had a chance to wash your hair.

  • Scrunchies: Rock them as hair ties to keep your updo in place or wear a few on your wrist for fun pops of color. Look for ones with built-in pockets to stash some cash.

  • 90s Clips: These little snap clips are having a major moment right now. Use them on one or both sides of your part to keep face-framing pieces tamed when you're dancing the day away. Toss some extras in your bag since they're bound to go missing in the crowd.

  • Baseball Caps: A baseball cap is your friend for off-hair days or when the sun is beaming. It's an easy way to look effortlessly cool while protecting your short or long hair.

  • Hair Glitter: What's a festival hairstyle without some sparkly glitter? Whether you use a glitter spray, gel, hair tinsel, or chunky glitter roots, a touch of shine and shimmer brings the whole look together. Get creative with glitter parts or make your festival braids pop

How to Choose the Right Extensions

The first step is finding extensions that perfectly match your hair type and desired festival look. But you'll also want to consider long-lasting, high-quality options made for all-day (and night!) wear.

For a quality investment, Remy human hair extensions in Roxy Hair collection are where it's at. It is super thick from root to tip with an ultra-glossy finish. Plus, this human hair goes through special treatments to maximize its longevity and performance, no matter how hard you rock out.

Clip-In Extensions

If you want an instant transformation you can easily remove before crashing in your tent, clip-in extensions are a great choice. Our seamless clip ins allow you to clip in amazingly thick and lustrous lengths, then take them out at night. Just have a mirror and styling tools handy to put them back in each morning.

Permanent Extensions

For longer-lasting, professionally installed options, you've got bonded extensions like nano rings or a woven sew-in. These require an appointment at a salon since they can only be applied and removed by an expert. They're more long-term commitments, but give you nonstop festival hair for days on end.

Extension Application Tips

Before you head to the festival experience, take some time to get your extensions ready. You don't want them getting damaged or tangled from all the weekend craziness. Do these three simple things:

Wash and Condition: Give your extensions a good wash and deep conditioning beforehand. This will leave them silky smooth and detangled - perfect for blending with your natural hair. For clip-ins, washing gets rid of any stray shed hairs from the packaging.

Use Heat Protectant: If you plan on using hot tools like curling iron or straighteners, don't skip the heat protectant spray. This creates a barrier so your precious strands don't get fried, dried out or damaged from the high heat.

Pack a Portable Case: Once you're all packed up, keep your extensions safe in a ventilated, zip-up storage case or bag. You don't want them getting all knotted up with your clothes and stuff during travel. A dedicated case also prevents any shed hairs from getting lost.

Take it slow when putting your extensions in too. Do it in a calm environment like your hotel room rather than rushing at the festival grounds.

Hair Extension Care & Styling for Festival Season

Festivals with friends can get a bit wild, with unpredictable weather and conditions. While you can't control everything, there are definitely things you can do to protect your beautiful hair extensions and keep your hair looking fresh all weekend long.

If it starts feeling hot and sticky out there in summer, find some shade under trees or umbrellas. This will help prevent sweatiness, frizz, and even heat stroke - so make sure to drink plenty of water too! If rain is expected or you'll be in direct sunlight, cover up with a headscarf, hat or umbrella. And use a hair sunscreen product when you know you'll be out in the sunshine.

Braided hairstyles aren't just stylish, they're super practical too! Keeping long extensions tied back in braids helps stop major tangling, breakage, and any jewelry from snagging and pulling at your strands. Loose beachy waves and sleek ponytails are other great low-maintenance options.

Make sure you've got a good texture spray or dry shampoo in your festival bag. A few spritzes can instantly revive second (or third!) day hair, absorbing oils and adding fresh texture. Leave-in conditioners and hair serums are also key for hydrating and smoothing down any frizz.


Festival season is the time to sparkle and get liberated. Roxy Hair clip-ins give you instant length that lasts. Don't forget products to keep your hair fresh all weekend. With the right prep and tips, your hair will shine bright under the stage lights.

Get creative and get ready to slay the festival!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best festival hairstyles for long hair?

Boho waves, fishtail braids, high ponies - extensions give you killer length.

How do I keep my hair looking good all festival weekend?

Dry shampoo, texture spray, leave-in conditioner. Braids and ponies help too.

What hair extensions work best for festivals?

Clip-ins! Roxy Hair's are high-quality and you can remove them at night.

Can I use hot tools on my extensions at a festival?

Yeah, just use a heat protectant spray first to prevent damage.

How do I add sparkle and color to my festival hairstyle?

Hair glitter, bright color extensions, or an all-over glitter hair spray.