Can You Do a Ponytail with Clip In Extensions?

Can You Do a Ponytail with Clip In Extensions?

When it comes to ponytails, we've all admired Ariana Grande's iconic high ponies. But recreating more volume, eye-catching look seems out of reach for those with shorter, thinner hair. Clip-in extensions can help you achieve an Ariana-worthy ponytail.

Ponytails instantly pull together any look. But natural hair often lacks thickness and length for spectacular volume. Clip-ins boost body and length for a lush ponytail.

This article explains using clips for a fuller ponytail. You'll learn tips for choosing clip-in pieces and how to blend them seamlessly into your hair. We'll recommend products for a flawless ponytail too.

Key Points

  • Clip-in extensions add volume and length to ponytails. Easily create different styles.

  • Choose wrap-around or full weft extensions to transform your look. Blend with natural hair.

  • Store properly, wash occasionally, avoid damage. Basic care keeps extensions looking fabulous.

Perfect Ponytail Styles with Clip-In Extensions

Woman with sleek high ponytail and clip-in extensionsPonytail hairstyles are versatile and convenient for many occasions. Clip-in hair extensions can enhance ponytails by adding length, thickness and styling options. Here are some elegant ponytail styles:

Sleek High Ponytail

A ponytail swept up to the crown creates an elongating effect. Start by tying a small ponytail at the crown to serve as an anchor point. Strategically clip 20-inch straight extensions just below this crown ponytail in an upside down direction to lay flat when pulled up. Clip smaller wefts around the original ponytail for fullness. Gather all the hair, including extensions, into a sleek high ponytail, using bobby pins to secure the hair tie and smooth any flyaways. Carefully check that the completed ponytail blends seamlessly, with all wefts and attachment points hidden. The crown upside and head upside placement builds stable height while allowing the length to stay perfectly smooth. Add sparkling accessories across the middle section for elegant polish.

Voluminous Curled Ponytail

Create a small ponytail at the base to anchor extensions. Section hair into three equal sections, clipping wefts strategically in an upside down direction around the original ponytail for a seamless blend. Curl the ponytail by dividing it into three equal sections and using a 1-inch barrel iron to sculpt touchable ringlets, checking carefully that all sections are smoothly curled. For soft waves, opt for a large-barrel iron to produce Hollywood-worthy bounce and body. Accessorize by threading delicate strands through the middle sections.

Half-Up Ponytail

Start with smaller extensions at the crown, clipping them below it in an upside down pattern to build fullness in the half-up segment. Gather the top remaining sections while allowing the rest to flow freely. Carefully pin any loose sections to keep the look smooth and sleek. For romantic flair, curl the front pieces away from the face or accessorize with jeweled pins.

Fishtail Braid Ponytail

Weave a neat fishtail braid or messy, loose braid, using small elastics periodically to keep the extensions perfectly in place. Wrap the finished braid into a low ponytail anchored by a base ponytail to display the intricate detail. Hide any clips by incorporating waiver strands to softly frame the face. Add accessories like floral pins or jeweled accents.

Low Ponytail

Woman with sleek high ponytail and clip-in extensions

A ponytail gathered at the nape of the neck provides a classic, elegant look. Start by sectioning hair into three parts, with a small base ponytail tied at the bottom layer. This anchors the extensions. Strategic layering of the clip-in wefts builds volume from underneath to achieve a balanced, voluminous finish.

Curled Side Fringe Ponytail

For a touch of romance, softly curl the fringe or front pieces of hair away from the face while pulling back the rest of the hair. Use 1-inch curling irons to sculpt breezy curls or ribbons that gently graze the cheeks on one or both sides. Pair with a low-curled ponytail or sleek high ponytail.

Extra-Long Braided Ponytail

For a showstopping style, clip-in hair extensions provide dramatic length for an elongated braid that winds into a ponytail. Use the full wefts for optimal fullness. Complete a neat fishtail or messier, looser braid depending on the desired look. Wrap the braid into a low ponytail holder to display the intricate detail.

Best Hair Extensions for Ponytails

Foxy Hair® sleek high ponytail and clip-in extensionsWhen it comes to hair extensions, the styling options are endless! But it helps to have quality options on hand for both formal and everyday wear. Here are some:

Wrap-Around Clip-In Ponytail

Wrap-around clip-in ponytails give an effortless boost to ponytail styles. These clip-ins wrap right around the base of your own hair to create a fuller, longer ponytail in minutes.

The ponytail extension comes attached to a fabric-covered elastic band. Clips on the band allow you to easily clip it into your hair at ponytail level.

Once secured, the attached hair wraps around your natural ponytail. This conceals the band and creates a seamless, blended look.

Unlike full clip-in sets, these wrap-around ponies target just the ponytail area. The strategic design adds length and volume quickly with no hassle

Single Wefts

Single wefts add subtle volume to a ponytail hairstyle without a full set. They strategically boost body and length for a natural look.

These narrow 7-inch wefts have 3 clips for quick, easy attachment. This enables discreet thickness and fullness instantly. This works for a subtle ponytail upgrade since they provide just enough oomph without dramatic change.

Full Sets

Full sets of clip-in extensions, including large extensions, are ideal for those desiring a substantial transformation in their ponytail style. They offer a dramatic increase in both the length and fullness of ponytails, allowing users to create a variety of styles.

Full sets come in various sizes, including 8-piece sets, which can enhance the ponytail from a more subdued volume to a statement mega volume appearance. They are offered in both authentic Remy human hair and quality synthetic fibers, with Foxy Hair® offers 100% Remy human hair known for durability and blending seamlessly with your natural locks.

Full clip-in extension sets dramatically amplify ponytail length and fullness. They enable versatile styling, from natural volume to dramatic mega-pony looks.

Tips & Tricks for a Stunning Ponytail

The ponytail is like the little black dress of hairstyles - easy, stylish, and functional. Just pull your hair back and go - suitable for the gym or a night out. But even ponytail pros can up their game. We've got hacks to master this staple:

Blending Extensions

Choosing Foxy Hair's extensions that match your natural hair is the effortless way to create a seamless ponytail. Foxy Hair's wide selection of textures, densities, and patterns makes blending easy. Our premium single weft extensions mimic the movement and texture of your hair beautifully thanks to intact cuticles. Ask your stylist to blend Foxy Hair extensions to your ideal length and add face-framing layers for the most natural look.

Securing Your Ponytail

A few simple techniques ensure your Foxy Hair ponytail stays put all day. Use a strong elastic and clip in Foxy extensions evenly around the base. Cover clips with your natural hair, then secure with an elastic and bobby pins. This distributes volume evenly while keeping the Foxy Hair ponytail anchored effortlessly. As you pull hair into the ponytail, smooth with a brush to eliminate bumps or gaps. The result is a voluminous yet balanced Foxy ponytail that wears comfortably all day.

5 Easy Tricks for a Flawless Foxy Pony

  1. Add texture by twisting small sections of Foxy Hair® towards the base - this backcombing technique boosts volume without products.

  2. Section hair above the ears, smooth the top, then pull the bottom half into a tight Foxy ponytail for a sleek finish.

  3. Sleep in a topknot with Foxy extensions to achieve soft, tousled waves in the morning - no heat styling needed.

  4. Backcomb face-framing pieces of Foxy Hair® before pulling into the ponytail to avoid breakage at the hairline.

  5. Use bungee hooks instead of regular elastics for a creaseless Foxy ponytail with adjustable tension. Keep hooks near the head and interlock for secure all-day wear.

Accessorizing Your Ponytail

Ponytail with decorative hair accessoriesThe easiest and fastest way to style your ponytail in under 10 minutes is by having some hair accessories on hand. Here's what you can use as accessories:

  • Silk or satin ribbons add a touch of elegance. Narrow ribbons in dark colors like navy or black lend sophistication.

  • Delicate headbands offer a feminine vibe. Tie hair up then slip on a pretty floral headband for instant glam.

  • Scarves allow versatility. Knot a colorful silk scarf around your ponytail for a cute, casual look.

  • Dainty hair clips provide sweetness. Clip some floral or pearl accents near the base of your low pony.

  • Floral elastics bring fun. Use patterned hair ties with flowers or greenery for an eye-catching pony.

Do's and Dont's of Accessorizing with Hair Extensions

Some people overaccessorize, and the hairpiece they ultimately decide on either looks strange or doesn't go with their overall look. All individuals seek to enhance their fashion abilities, be it through accessories like shoes, bags, outfits, or, in this instance, headpiece.

  • Do opt for eye-catching headbands that make a statement. Gossip Girl-worthy bejeweled, floral or satin bands add glam. Headbands with delicate details also work beautifully with extensions.

  • Don't over-accessorize if your outfit already stands out. Accessories should complement, not compete. With a bold outfit, stick to subtle barrettes, silk scrunchies or an oversized textured hair tie to let your clothes be the star.

  • Do channel Greek goddess vibes with a shimmering gold laurel crown or leafy headpiece. These elegant accessories lend a regal, ethereal vibe to all your hair.

  • Don't underestimate the power of a velvety or satin ribbon for an elegant ponytail. Tying a richly colored ribbon around your ponytail creates a timeless, polished look. add

  • Do make them shine bright with opulent bejeweled turbans or crystal hair clips. These eye-catching sparkling accessories exude confidence.

  • Unless it's your bachelorette party, don't wear an over-the-top tiara. Save those for princess costumes. For everyday glam, a delicate crystal hair comb is a better fit.

  • Do contrast hair accessories with your hair color for maximum impact. Vibrant accessories pop against darker tresses.

How to Put Extensions in a Ponytail

We're often asked if you can wear hair extensions in a ponytail. The answer is yes! You can totally rock a ponytail with extensions. The key is doing it right so they stay hidden.

Play with ponytail length and color. Clip-ins come in different shades and length. Try bold hues without dyeing your real hair. Or go for a subtle highlight look.

Ponytail extensions allow you to switch up your style. Our simple steps ensure your extensions seamlessly blend while up.

Woman with sleek ponytail using clip-in extensionsStep 1: Detangle

Start by brushing out tangles in extensions and natural hair using a detangling brush. Work in small sections and brush from the bottom up to avoid breakage. For optimal detangling, use a brush designed specifically for extensions. This gently smooths out knots and tangles in both real and faux hair.

Step 2: Pull Into Pony Position

Gather hair into your desired ponytail height, high, mid or low. Before securing, use fingers or a brush to blend extension and natural hair smoothly. Check for any bumps, gaps or peeking extension pieces. For sleek ponies, apply gel to slick down flyaways and achieve a polished look. For messy ponies, leave out face framing pieces around your hairline for a soft, undone aesthetic.

Step 3: Secure With a Gentle Elastic

Tie off your ponytail with a covered elastic or soft scrunchie to prevent damage. Avoid pulling too tight, which can tug on delicate extension pieces. The right tension keeps your ponytail secure without excessive strain on hair.

Step 4: Finish With Styling Product

Lock in sleek ponies with a strong-hold hairspray, applying evenly across your ponytail. This keeps flyaways and baby hairs in place. For messy, textured ponies use sea salt spray or dry shampoo to boost volume and add grip to strands. Scrunch into a ponytail as needed.

Caring for Your Clip-In Extensions

When you invest in high-quality human hair extensions like Foxy Hair®, treat them as well as you would your own hair. Here's how:


Keep your clip-in extensions looking fabulous with proper storage between wears. Before putting them away, gently brush through from ends to roots. This prevents painful tangles without damage. Make sure to close all the clips so they don't snag during storage.

The best place to store your extensions is in the original packaging or a designated hair storage box. This keeps the shape and style intact. Hanging them vertically on a carrier also works great to prevent any kinks from developing.

If hanging, use wide tooth combs to separate the wefts and allow airflow. This prevents moist buildup or matting of the hair. Aim to keep extensions in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Heat and light can dry out and damage the hair over time.


Washing keeps extensions clean but overdoing it causes damage. Only wash after about 30 wears or once a month. This balances hygiene and hair health.

Before washing, brush gently to detangle. Use lukewarm water and sulfate-free, alcohol-free products. These are gentle cleansers for extensions. After shampooing, air dry extensions lying flat. This prevents heat damage for silky, healthy hair.


Proper styling enhances your ponytail while preventing damage. Use heat tools like straighteners or curling irons to achieve your desired look. But always apply a heat protectant spray first to prevent damage from hot tools.

Detangle extensions gently with a specialized brush for extensions. This avoids harming delicate clips and hair. Start brushing at the ends and work up to the roots.

Once extensions are in, brush sparingly to avoid tugging clips.


In conclusion, you can elevate your ponytail game with clip ins. They can add instant volume and length for any style you desire. Foxy Hair® extensions seamlessly blend for a natural ponytail look.

Choose wrap-around or multi-weft sets to create your perfect pony. Go high and sleek or low and messy. The options are endless with our clip-ins!

Take care of your new ponytail partner. Store properly and wash occasionally. Avoid damage when styling. With basic care, Foxy Hair® extensions will keep your ponytail game strong!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do a ponytail with clip in extensions?

Yes, you can definitely do a ponytail with clip-in extensions.

How to do a ponytail with a clip?

To put your hair up in a claw clip, gather your hair and secure it with the clip, making sure it feels secure.

What are the disadvantages of clip in hair extensions?

The main disadvantages of clip-in hair extensions are the inconvenience of having to remove them before certain activities like sleeping or swimming, and the potential for visible clips if not applied properly.

What types of extensions work best for ponytails?

Clip-in ponytail extensions, single wefts, or full sets of extensions can all work well for enhancing your ponytail style.

How can I achieve a natural blend with extensions?

To achieve a natural blend with extensions, make sure to choose extensions that match your hair type, layer them correctly, and style them.