Expert Tips on How You Can You Curl Clip In Hair Extensions

Expert Tips on How You Can You Curl Clip In Hair Extensions

There are days that you might find straight hair boring and you want to make it natural curls. No I know you are wondering if you can curl clip-ins? You totally can! Curling adds bounce and style.

This guide will walk you through how to safely curl both synthetic and human hair extensions. 

We'll cover techniques for tight curls or subtle volume. We'll share tips for getting lasting curl and style. And we'll talk about how to avoid damage to your extensions.

What you will learn

  • Human hair extensions can be styled with heat tools like curling irons and straighteners. They look more natural than synthetic.

  • Synthetic (artificial) extensions require gentle care and low heat when styling.

  • Pick extensions that match the texture and color of your natural hair for a seamless blend. Some brands have excellent quality.

  • For curling, use medium heat on human hair and low or no heat on synthetic.

  • Always let curls cool fully before touching or styling to set the shape.

The Basics in Curling Clip-in Hair Extensions

Various types of hair extensionsFirstly, start by choosing where to buy your clip-in extensions. We here at Foxy Hair® produce the highest quality graded Remy human hair. Once you have your extensions, do a few key things before curling. Make sure your natural hair and extensions are completely dry and tangle-free. If you just washed your hair, let it air dry fully before curling.

Types of Hair Extensions for Curling

If you just got clip-in hair extensions, you probably want to curl them. But pay attention - you have to curl synthetic and human hair extensions differently.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic extensions are made of fake hair fibers. Be gentle with them! Use a low heat setting around 250 degrees and hold the curling iron on each section for about 8 seconds. Let the curls cool completely before brushing them. You can also curl synthetic hair with heatless methods like hot water or pin curls.

Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are the best hair extensions of a kind. They are made of real hair so you can treat them like your own - washing, styling, and dyeing them. With care, they last a long time and don't tangle as much.

To get tight curls, use a curling iron at a medium heat, about 180 degrees. Pick human hair extensions that match the texture, color, and curls of your natural hair. That will give the most natural curled look.

How to Choose the Curling Iron for Your Extensions

Comparison of natural and synthetic hair extensionsA curling iron lets you make pretty waves and curls in your hair or a human hair wig. But search online for one? Overwhelming! So many materials - ceramic, titanium. Wand types - triple barrel, different sizes. Choosing is confusing.

Here are some helpful tips.

  1. First, consider the material. Ceramic evenly distributes heat and is gentle for thin hair. Tourmaline produces negative ions to reduce frizz and dryness - great for thick, unruly hair. Titanium heats up quickly for longer-lasting curls.

  2. Next, choose a barrel size based on your hair. Small barrels from 3/8” to 5/8” make tight curls best for short hair styles. 1” to 1 1⁄4” barrels work for medium hair. Over 1 1⁄2”, the curls get loose and beachy - better for long hair.

  3. Also, look for adjustable heat with a display. Different hair types need different temperatures. Fine or damaged hair should stay under 280°F. Medium hair 280°-320°F. Coarse hair 320°-380°F. Don't go over 400°F!

  4. Finally, wand shape makes a difference. Clamp curling irons are classic. Cone wands make tight ends to loose tops. Triple barrels make big, beachy waves.

Recommended Brand for Clip-in Hair Extensions

Choosing the right brand for curling clip-in extensions is so important because your hair is your crown. Foxy Hair clip-ins are a great option, made with 100% human Remy hair. They're ethically sourced from thoroughly vetted partners. 

We at Foxy Hair® believe gorgeous hair is for all people regardless of race, age, religion or background. We offer premium quality and only the softest, silkiest clip-in Remy hair used by salons worldwide. This lets you style sexy, voluminous hair boosting your confidence!

We've perfected our proprietary clip-in extensions with salon pros so you can now easily apply pro extensions at home. The Foxy Hair® brand provide a shade matching service for the best color pair which is good if you don't know where to start in choosing clip-in extensions.

And most importantly, we have 19 rich clip-in shades, from platinum blonde to honey blonde, and mocha brown with duo tones.

How to Curl Human Hair Clip-in Extensions

Curling human hair clip-in extensionsCurling your new clip-in extensions allows you to try endless styling options! But there are some important techniques for achieving long-lasting, curl hair extensions.

Thoroughly Prep Extensions for Curling

Before curling, detangle extensions with a wide-tooth comb or brush starting from the ends and gently working up to the roots. This ensures the hair is smooth and knot-free. Use a heat protectant spray liberally on the extensions before heat styling.

The product should coat each strand to protect from damage. Make sure your extensions are securely clipped into your natural hair at the roots. Loose clips will allow the extensions to slip and shift during curling, preventing even curls.

Pick Your Curling Technique Based on Desired Curl Result

The curling technique and tools used will determine the final curl shape:

  • For tight spiral curls, use a curling iron with a small, narrow barrel, approximately 1 inch diameter. Wrap hair tightly around the barrel and hold for 8-10 seconds before releasing.

  • To achieve soft beach waves, use a large barrel curling wand, around 1.5-2 inch diameter. Wrap hair loosely around the wide barrel for 5 seconds.

  • For subtle, natural-looking waves, use a flat iron to add slight bends along the length of the hair extensions.

Always Apply Heat Protectant Before Using Hot Tools

Always use a heat protectant spray. This minimizes any heat damage to the extensions and your own hair. The protectant forms a barrier from the intense heat, preventing dryness, breakage and other thermal damage. This helps extend the life and beauty of the extensions.

Work in Sections for Uniform, Consistent Curls

Divide the extension hair into sections using clips. Take 1-2 inch wide subsections to curl. Working in small sections ensures even, uniform curls from root to tip. Start at the bottom layer and work upwards.

Set the Curl Shape by Cooling and Clipping

After curling each section, allow it to cool while pinned in place before releasing. This sets the curl shape. If you release too soon, the curl will fall out. Once a subsection is curled and clipped up, move onto the next.

Keep Curled Sections Clipped as Long as Possible

Leave the curled sections pinned up until you absolutely must release them. The longer the cooled curls are clipped up, the better set the curl will be and the longer it will last. For max duration, keep clipped until right before styling.

Gently Brush Out and Finish with Hairspray

Once ready to style, release one curled section at a time. Gently brush through curls with fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Finish with a firm hold hairspray to lock in the finished curled style all night long.

How to Maintain Your Clip-In Extensions After Curling

Curling synthetic hair clip-in extensionsCaring for your hair extensions after curling takes a gentle touch. The fibers are delicate and need TLC, too. Here's what you can do:

Low-Heat Curling

Synthetic hair can't tolerate high heat from styling tools like curling irons or wands. The fibers will become damaged. Use the lowest temperature setting possible, around 250-270 degrees Fahrenheit. This provides just enough heat to curl without causing harm.

Only hold the hair on the curling barrel for 5-8 seconds max. Quick heat contact is safest. Always allow the curls to cool and set completely before brushing or combing. This preserves the curl shape.

Heatless Curling

To avoid direct heat altogether, use heatless curling methods like flexi rods or rollers. Flexi rods are a great option. Simply wrap small sections of the synthetic hair around the rod. Secure it in place by bending the ends to form a curl shape. Leave the rods in for at least a few hours, or ideally overnight. When you remove the rods, beautiful, bouncy curls will be set without any heat damage.

Post-Curling Care

It's crucial to care for synthetic hair gently after curling to maintain the curls and prevent damage:

  • Wash extensions 1-2 times per week max if worn daily. Use a sulfate-free, gentle shampoo and cool water.

  • Always detangle with a wide-tooth comb or brushed with rounded nylon bristles. Start at the ends and work up gently.

  • Let air dry fully before storing. Keep extensions in a cool, dry place out of sunlight to prevent fading.

Tips for Achieving Perfect Curls with Clip-in Hair Extensions

Using heat protectant products for curling extensionsTo achieve tight curls with clip-ins takes the right technique and care. Follow these pro tips:

Before You Start: Detangle

First, thoroughly brush out your extensions. Bundle the tracks to brush all at once or do one by one if very tangled. Use a wide-tooth brush to minimize breakage. Smooth, tangle-free hair is the best base for curling.

You have 3 options when curling:

Curl Before Clipping In

Curl extensions before putting them in your hair. Perfect if your natural hair isn't ready to be styled yet. Hold extensions in one hand and curl with the wand in the other. Or clip into a hanger and curl hands-free for easier styling.

Over-the-Head Technique

Clip each track over your natural hair, close to the crown. Curl each section as usual. This lets you control curl direction. It works great if your hair is undone or you don't want to separate natural curls much.

Curl Clipped-In

Simply curl extensions already clipped into your hair. You can even separate into layers first.
Quick and easy for blending with natural hair! Avoid tons of tugging which could loosen the clips.

Different Curly Hairstyles with Clip-in Hair Extensions

Curling your hair instantly glams up any look with bounce and volume. But curly hair can be hard to style and take care of. No worries - we've got easy styles that you can do to slay your clip in extensions.

Tight Curls

Tight curls create a classic, defined curl pattern that never goes out of style. They add bounce and volume, especially with clip-in extensions.

To get tight curls:

  1. Use a small barrel curling iron, around 1 inch or less

  2. Take small sections of hair and hold on the barrel for 5-10 seconds

  3. Make sure to curl each section away from your face

  4. Let the curls cool completely before brushing or combing

  5. Use a hairspray or holding product to help the curls keep their spring

Natural Waves

    Natural waves are perfect for a beachy, relaxed vibe. The waves are loose and effortless looking.

    To create natural waves:

    1. Use a large barrel curling iron or wand, around 1.5-2 inches

    2. Take medium sections and hold on the barrel for 5-8 seconds

    3. Alternate the curl direction, away from and towards your face

    4. Let waves cool before combing or brushing

    5. Add a salt spray or texturizing product for a textured finish

    The key is to avoid tight uniform curls. Go for a loose, slightly messy look.

    Voluminous Curls

      Voluminous curls are all about big, bouncy curls that really amplify volume. They're great for a formal or glam look.

      To get voluminous curls:

      1. Use large velcro rollers or a large barrel iron

      2. Take large sections of hair for each curl

      3. Let curls cool completely before taking rollers out

      4. Gently comb through curls to separate and add height

      5. Tease sections at the root for extra volume

      6. Use firm hold hairspray to lock in the volume

      Common Curling Issues with Clip-in Hair Extensions

      Curling hair extensions doesn't always go perfectly. But don't worry - common issues like uneven curls, heat damage, or lack of curl hold have easy fixes.

      Uneven Curls
      Uneven curls is a common issue because it's easy to curl sections unevenly or use inconsistent technique. This results in some curls being tighter or looser than others. To prevent uneven curls:

      • Take uniform sections of hair for curling

      • Hold each section on the iron for the same amount of time

      • Use the same curling motion and direction for each section

      • Use different barrel sizes if needed for more consistent curls

      Heat Damage
      Heat damage happens because excessive heat from curling can dry out and degrade the hair over time. This causes breakage, frizz, and an unhealthy look. To avoid heat damage:

      • Always use a heat protectant spray to add a layer of protection

      • Opt for lower temperature settings on tools and gradually increase heat

      • Limit direct heat exposure by not over-curling sections

      • Allow hair to cool between curling sessions

      Extensions Not Holding Curls
      Curls falling flat is often due to improper curling technique or lack of product use. The curly hair extensions don't have enough long-lasting shape. To get curls to hold:

      • Maintain consistent curling technique for evenly set curls

      • Let curls cool and set fully before touching or combing

      • Use a quality, strong hold hairspray to help lock in curl shape

      • Avoid brushing out curls once formed

      • Add volume at the roots for extra support of your curly hairstyle


      Curling clip-ins is an easy way to change up your style without committing to a perm or damaging your natural hair.

      The key is using the right curling method and caring for your extensions properly. This helps achieve perfect curls with both synthetic and human hair clip-ins.

      You can rock tight spirals, loose waves, or just add some bounce. Have fun and experiment with different curly hairstyles!

      Ready to refresh your look with some fabulous curls? Grab those curling irons and clip-ins girl!

      Check out our Q&A for more tips on styling clip-in extensions to get the most of your new curly 'do.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What can you not do with clip in extensions?

      You shouldn't shower or shampoo your hair while wearing clip-in extensions to avoid tangling the hair; use a shower cap if you need to keep your hair dry with the extensions still clipped in.

      Can you use a curler on hair extensions?

      Yes, you can use a curler on hair extensions, but it's important to be cautious with the heat.

      What are the disadvantages of clip in hair extensions?

      The main disadvantages when you wear extensions include tangling, especially if worn constantly or to sleep. The clips can also potentially damage natural hair if applied improperly or too tightly. Clip-ins may not blend seamlessly if the color and texture don't match your natural hair well. They also usually need to be replaced every few months as the hair quality degrades.

      How do I keep my human hair extensions from getting frizzy?

      To keep your human hair extensions from getting frizzy, use a sulfate-free shampoo, a leave-in conditioner, and a good care routine.

      How can I make my hair extensions not hold curls?

      The key to making hair extensions resist curls is avoiding proper curling technique. Use high heat and over-curl the hair, which can damage and weaken the bonds that hold curls. Brush through the curls before they have fully cooled and set. Skip any holding products like hairspray that help curls keep their shape. Using low-quality extensions with compromised texture can also make it hard for curls to stay formed.