How Best To Store Clip In Hair Extensions for Longevity and Style

How Best To Store Clip In Hair Extensions for Longevity and Style

Hair extensions are comparable to magical wands that transform your locks. With a simple clip-in, you can add length to achieve longer, fuller tresses like magic. The styling possibilities are endless. However, much like fickle fairies, extensions can also quickly tangle and fray without proper care.

Caring for extensions may seem confusing at first. But the right storage methods can help prevent tangling, damage, and keep them looking pristine for long-lasting wear.

In this guide, Foxy Hair® will share insider tips on storing clip-in and tape-in hair extensions. You'll learn simple tricks to detangle, smooth frizz, and maintain the integrity of the hair. We aim to help you safely preserve the magic of your extensions for months on end.

You Will Learn

  • How to detangle gently with a wide-tooth comb before storage

  • Washing tips - use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner every 10-15 wears

  • Letting your hair extensions air dry fully before storage avoids damage

  • Recommended storage routine breakdown for your extensions

  • Extra tips for travel to keep extensions protected

Importance of Proper Clip In Hair Extension Storage
Properly stored clip-in hair extensions in a protective box

Investing in Foxy Hair® clip-in hair extensions lets you experiment with new looks easily. But like your real hair, you need to care for it right to keep it looking beautiful. Storing hair extensions the correct way is vital. Here's why it matters so much:

  1. Protects from Damage: Improper storage lets in dirt, dust, and friction. This dulls extensions, makes them frizzy, and can even lead to breakage. Like storing a silk scarf crumpled up. When you properly store them, it shields extensions so they stay protected.

  2. Prevents Tangles and Matting: Left loose or bunched together, extensions become a tangled mess. It's like a forgotten necklace knotting up. Storing correctly - like braiding or using a satin case - means less friction. This keeps extensions smooth and easy to manage.

  3. Maintains Shape and Style: Extensions left folded or bunched lose their shape. It's like leaving your hair untouched for days - it wouldn't look its best. Proper storage, like hanging or laying flat, helps extensions keep their natural flow and bounce.

  4. Maximizes Lifespan: Quality clip-in hair extensions can last, but poor storage cuts their lifespan short. Just like neglecting car maintenance - it won't run right for long. Proper care makes extensions a better investment.

  5. Promotes Hygiene and Safety: Damp or messy storage breeds bacteria and mold in extensions. This can create health risks over time. Along with regular cleaning, proper storage keeps extensions hygienic and safer to wear. Keep them in a cool and dry place.

Preparing Your Clip In Hair Extensions for Storage

Getting into a solid storage routine right away is crucial - it helps your Foxy Hair® extensions last longer. Good habits make all the difference. Setting extensions aside properly just takes a few quick minutes. But those minutes add up to extensions keeping their beauty for future use. Who wouldn't want their investment to go the extra mile? Taking a bit of time upfront saves so much down the road

Detangling with a Wide-Toothed Comb

The first step in getting your human hair extensions ready for storage is detangling them. No one likes pulling out a big knotted mess next time they go to wear their hair. Use a wide-toothed comb or loop brush made for extensions. These glide smoothly to gently remove tangles.

Start at the ends and slowly work up towards the roots as you detangle. This prevents too much tugging which could damage the extensions. Also, be sure your extensions are totally dry before detangling. Wet hair breaks and gets damaged more easily. For best results, detangle when the hair is dry.

Washing Process

Washing clip-in hair extensions with sulfate-free shampooHow often depends on your wear frequency and product buildup, but aim to wash them every 10-15 wears. Always use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner - this protects extension quality and reduces damage.

  1. When it's washing time, treat extensions as gently as your natural hair:

  2. Work shampoo through strands, being careful not to rub or twist.

  3. Rinse extremely thoroughly.

  4. Put conditioner from mid-length to the ends.

  5. Rinse again, then gently squeeze out excess moisture with a clean towel. Now they're ready for drying.

Air Drying

After washing your clip ins, you need to let them air dry completely before storing them. Putting away damp hair can cause mold and mildew – which harms extensions. So let extensions dry naturally overnight or a few hours minimum to fully dry out. Using a hairdryer may seem quicker, but avoid heat. Heat damages extensions, making them dry and prone to breakage. Instead, lay them flat on a clean towel. Allowing natural air drying is best.

Ideal Storage for Clip In Hair Extensions

Styling clip-in hair extensions after storage

Picking the proper storage approach can majorly impact how well your hair extensions hold up. From specialty tools to DIY ideas, consider these effective methods:

  1. Extension Hangers: Special hangers let you store extensions tangle-free, maintaining their shape and texture. However, this leaves them exposed to dust if hanging for more than a couple of days.

  2. Dedicated Storage Boxes: Special storage boxes keep extensions tidy and safeguarded. Usually, they come with extensions original packaging. This handy decent size drawer are made just for organizing hairpieces. Many have sections for different wefts. Securing the hair near the weft base and placing it in the box's main drawer compartment prevents tangles. Good thing- Foxy Hair® send you a hair extensions box- which keeps extensions smooth and prepared for styling. Check Amazon or beauty shops for dedicated boxes. If you'd rather DIY or save money, an airtight plastic bin or even a roomy shoebox does the trick too.

  3. Hair Extension Hanger: Storing hair extensions can be a pain, but hair extension hangers make it super easy. Just clip the wefts onto the hanger and hang it in your closet or on a rack. Hanging your extensions prevents tangling and makes them easy to grab when you want to wear them. You can find good hair extension hangers at beauty supply shops or online. You don't want them slipping off the sides.

  4. Silk Bags or Pillowcases: Silk bags or pillowcases are a fancy way to store extensions. Silk's smooth texture helps reduce friction. This prevents damage to your extensions. Putting them in silk keeps quality and longevity high. Your extensions stay silky and shiny longer. Find silk bags or pillowcases at beauty shops. Or visit beauty websites. Silk or sateen helps prevent tangling. The smooth material doesn't rough up the cuticles. It's a smart trick for protecting your investment.

Getting Clip Ins Ready to Style After Storage

Styling clip-in hair extensions after storageHair extensions are an investment, especially high-quality options like Foxy Hair® extensions made with 100% human hair. Naturally, you want to know the steps to style them after they've been stored.

Here's a quick application methods on how to prep your Foxy Hair® extensions in good condition for styling after you've had them tucked away.

First, wash gently with shampoo and conditioner. Detangle by brushing from ends to roots. And use a hair tie to put your hair up if needed. Let them completely dry before styling - especially important for short hair clip-ins.

Style according to the look you want. If you are coloring the extensions, use a hair color dye formulated for human hair and follow instructions carefully. Style the extensions in small sections for control, using proper heat settings. Apply a heat protectant product before styling to prevent damage.

When clipping extensions in, handle gently to avoid breakage. After wearing, remove clips carefully and hang the extensions on a hanger inside out to maintain their shape. Gently brush out any tangles.

Properly store the extensions to maintain their shape between uses. Regularly clean and condition to prolong their lifespan and keep them looking good.

Travel and On-the-Go Storage Tips

Bring your hair extensions when you go on vacation. They let you have nice-looking hair for seeing the sights, doing stuff, and taking pictures in direct sunlight. But you gotta be careful with them so you don't end up with bad hair while having fun.

Here's what to do with your extensions when traveling:

Packing Your Clip ins

Before you hit the road or fly away, you gotta get your Foxy Hair® extensions ready for the trip. Just follow these tips to pack 'em up safe and sound:

  • Brush out any tangles or knots first.

  • Put your extensions in a travel bag or clip 'em to a hanger. Keeps 'em secure.

  • Once your suitcase is half full, lay your extensions in flat. Then pile your clothes on top.

  • Wash and completely dry your extensions before packing. Storing wet causes frizz and mold.

  • Gently brush through with a wide-tooth comb.

  • Only pack the extensions you'll actually use. Travel light when you can.

  • Toss the plastic bags. Use breathable pouches, mesh bags or extension cases instead.

  • Braid or tie your extensions loosely with satin ribbons. Helps 'em hold their shape and not tangle.

Traveling Safely

Alright, it's time to jet off. Airplanes dry out hair like crazy. But you can keep your tape-in or clip-in extensions safe on your flight with these tips:

  • Braid your hair when you get on the plane. Sitting for hours can cause tangles, so braiding prevents that mess.

  • Bring a silk pillowcase and pop it on the airline pillow.

  • When you get to your hotel, give your extensions some TLC. Use a leave-in conditioner to get moisture back.

  • Try heat-free styles like braids, buns or ponytails when you can. Heat damages extensions, especially on vacay.

  • If needed, use a travel-size detangler and wide-tooth comb for quick touch ups.

  • Before bed, gently detangle and loosely braid. It prevents tangles while you snooze.

  • Avoid tight hairstyles that strain the clip-ins. Go for loose, comfy styles instead.

Enjoy your Trip

Once you make it to your trip's location, it's time to have fun in the sun with your hair extensions. But the beach and pool can damage them, so follow these tips:

  • After swimming, rinse with fresh water. Gets rid of salt and chlorine that can dry out your extensions.

  • Brush your hair while it's wet. Helps prevent knots from forming.

  • Use a deep conditioner after swimming. Extensions don't make natural oils, so conditioner gives moisture.

  • Pack a mini hairbrush. Makes detangling easy on the go.

  • Bring small clips. Use them to section hair while styling or brushing.

  • Apply a lightweight leave-in conditioner. Prevents dryness and frizz in the elements.

  • Ask the hotel for a satin or silk pillowcase. Less friction means less frizz while you sleep.

clip in hair extensions in walk in wardrobe


In summary, proper storage maintains the quality and longevity of your investment. Detangle and wash before storing in boxes, on hangers, or in silk. Refresh and style after storage. Then enjoy your beautiful hair extensions again and again.

Foxy Hair® extensions are the perfect choice of extensions when it comes to storage. They have consistently thick strands from root to tip which creates a natural feel. Foxy Hair® uses ethically sourced, premium remy hair. Hand-blended and colored by experts.

With proper care, your clip-in hair extensions will last and look as beautiful as you- just like a magical fairy promised. Follow these storage tips to keep your extensions in top condition and follow us for more tips!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you store hair extensions at home?

To store your hair extensions at home, place them in a storage box that is airtight and dry to prevent mold or bacteria growth.

How do you keep clip-in extensions in overnight?

Braid your hair with the clip-in extensions before going to sleep. This prevents accidentally pulling the extensions out or getting them caught on your pillow overnight.

What is the significance of proper storage for clip-in hair extensions?

Proper storage is crucial for maintaining quality, preventing damage, and ensuring that clip-in hair extensions remain tangle-free and ready for use.

What is the recommended method for brushing clip-in hair extensions before storing them?

Start at the ends and gently move towards the roots.