How Long is 20 Inches Hair Extensions? Here's Your Foxy Hair® Guide

How Long is 20 Inches Hair Extensions? Here's Your Foxy Hair® Guide

Choosing the right hair extension length is like picking out a new pair of jeans. You want them to fit just right - not too short and not too long. At 20 inches, extensions are like that cool, versatile boyfriend jean. They're a happy medium that looks great on most people.

Imagine a 20-inch hair extension as a sleek ponytail. For many, that ponytail would fall right around the middle of your back. Pretty lengthy, but not so much that it becomes unmanageable. It's the Goldilocks of hair extension lengths - just right.

Of course, just like how jeans might fit a little differently on different body types, 20 inches can look slightly varied depending on your height and natural hair texture. If you're on the taller side or have stick-straight strands, that 20 inches might flash a little more length. But for those with a curlier hair, it could appear like short hair.

The key is understanding how 20 inches will complement your unique look. This guide will lay out all the little details to consider, so you can easily envision and choose extensions that are a perfect fit for you.

What You Can Learn

  • 20 inches is a versatile, perfect hair length for hair extensions that falls around the mid-back area for most people

  • Your height can affect how 20-inch extensions appear - they may look longer on taller individuals and shorter on petite frames

  • Hair texture matters too - 20 inches may seem slightly longer on straight or fine hair, but a bit shorter on wavy or curly textures.

  • This length offers plenty of styling options like sleek ponytails, cascading curls, or elegant updos

  • Real-life comparisons and visuals can help you accurately envision how 20-inch extensions will look on you

Determining 20 Inches Hair Length

Foxy Hair 20-inch human hair extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, length matters. 20-inch extensions add a solid 18 inches to your natural hair. That perfect wig length opens up a world of new styling possibilities you couldn't achieve with other medium length extensions.

One major perk of 20-inch extensions is the added volume and thickness they provide like wig hair. How 20 inches looks can vary based on the texture, weight, and quality of the extensions. But overall, you're getting significant volume and dramatic length.

20 inches is a substantial amount of hair. It'll extend past your shoulders and maybe even further down your back. How far depends on the thickness of your natural hair. With thick and unmanageable hair, 20 inches might look waist-length. Thinner hair may not get quite that long. To visualize it, measure from your roots to your ends - that'll show you the full extended length.

Straight Hair

When it comes to straight weave hair or achieving the same length with your own hair, 20 inches is a sleek length that often falls around the mid-back or waist area, depending on your height. This length provides an appealing canvas for different hairstyles with its continuous flow since there are no curls or waves to visually shorten the appearance. If considering 20-inch straight weave hair extensions or wigs to get the same length, remember the exact end point can vary slightly based on your height, so you may need a trim to hit that desired waist-length look.

Straight hair at 20 inches definitely gets noticed with its fluid lines - a style many prefer for that long, flowy look using weave hair or extensions. However, those with very thick hair may need to put in some extra work and maintenance to keep this smooth, extended same length style looking its best.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair has a charming look, but measuring length can be tricky because of the waves. A 20-inch wavy mane usually appears a bit shorter than stick-straight 20-inch hair. That's because the natural waves cause some shrinkage. It doesn't make wavy hair less impressive - the texture adds movement straight hair can't match. But if you want waist-length wavy hair, the waves might make it fall just above your waist instead of right at it. This shrinkage is something to consider with wavy extensions since they may not hang as low as you'd expect based on the length.

Curly Hair

Curly and wavy hair has great volume and texture. But the wavy and curly textures make 20 inches look a bit shorter, around 1-2 inches less than straight 20-inch hair. That's because the curls and waves coil and zigzag, using up some visual length.

Curly girls, when you stretch out those spirals straight, they measure the full 20 inches. The curls just tuck that length inside each loop. So curly 20-inch hair may appear slightly shorter, but it has the same long length

Choosing the Right 20-Inch Hair Extensions

Photo of high-quality Remy hair extensions

A 20-inch hair length is pretty long in wig length chart. It measures around 50 centimeters from root to tip. With hair that length, it falls somewhere between your shoulder blades and mid-back, depending on your height.

Having 20 inches of hair gives you lots of styling options. You can rock updos, wear it down, or experiment with different looks. That's why many people get 20-inch extensions - to temporarily achieve that flowy, longer style without the commitment of super long hair.

Whether you were born with naturally luscious locks or extensions give you that boost, 20 inches is an elegant length. You can style it in so many ways to suit whatever vibe you're going for that day. Here are different type of hair extensions you can use:

Clip in Extensions

Foxy Hair® offers top-notch 20-inch Remy hair extensions. Made from real human hair, we deliver a natural look and feel that matches your skin tone. These extensions can handle heat styling - curl, straighten, or style them however desired.

For those seeking a dramatic new look or extra volume, our clip-in hair extensions provide a convenient solution. Foxy Hair®'s 20-inch clip-ins come in various shades and textures, allowing an effortless change in appearance. They can be easily applied and removed, making them suitable for those new to hair extensions.

Weft Hair Extensions

Photo of sleek and long weft hair extensions

For long-lasting hair extensions, 20-inch wefts are a versatile option. They get sewn into your own hair for a secure, blended look. Wefts let you style your hair with tons of volume and length in various ways.

Weft extensions are popular for adding both length and fullness. They come in different textures to suit most hair types. When choosing wefts, consider the weight and density to complement your own hair for a seamless blend.

If you love straight hair, 20-inch bone straight wefts give an instantly sleek, long style. They can elevate a simple look to something more polished and chic.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions are an excellent choice for achieving longer-lasting medium length hair. At 20 inches, tape-in sets give you plenty of lovely locks without going too extreme. Made from 100% human hair, these extensions blend seamlessly with your natural tresses for a cohesive, undetectable look.

The beauty of tape-ins is their low-maintenance convenience. You can style and care for them just like you would your own hair. Not to mention, their discreet application keeps things comfortable yet secure.

Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

For those seeking extended length over an extended period, 20-inch fusion hair extensions provide a semi-permanent solution. These extensions are attached strand by strand using a keratin bond, ensuring a seamless and undetectable blend with natural hair. Highly durable, fusion extensions allow for easy styling.

At 20 inches extensions, they offer thick hair without being excessively long. This length can be styled into curls, waves, or updos with ease. The extensions are low-maintenance once bonded - typical hair habits like air drying and heat styling can be continued as normal.

Hairstyling Ideas for 20 Inches Hair

photo of elegant woman updo hairstyle

If you're just like other girls, you curly wigs are not enough to make bad hair days go away. But 20 inch medium hair length extensions give options to explore different hairstyles. Here's what you can do with the extensions:

  • Beachy Waves: Curl the extensions with a large barrel curling iron. Gently brush out the curls for effortless, tousled waves. This body wave hair is perfect for a casual day or night out.

  • Fishtail Braid: Section off a side portion of your hair and extensions. Divide into two sections and begin fishtail braiding by taking a strand from one section and crossing it under the other. Alternate crossing strands for a intricate braid down the side. Ideal for bohemian or festival styles.

  • High-Fashion Ponytail: Gather all your hair and extensions into a sleek, high ponytail. Use a boar bristle brush to smooth flyaways. Wrap a section of hair around the base to conceal the hair tie for a polished look. This style is perfect for a night out or formal event.

  • High Bun: Slick all your hair, including extensions, into a high bun at the crown of your head. Use bobby pins to secure any loose pieces. A top knot bun adds sophistication to any outfit.

  • Loose Waves: Use a large barrel curling iron to create soft, tousled waves throughout your hair and extensions. Gently brush out the curls with your fingers for an effortless, beachy texture. Loose waves are flirty and romantic.

  • Half-Up Top Knot: Gather the top half of your hair into a loose bun on the crown of your head. Let the extensions flow freely down your back. This half-up look balances casual and chic seamlessly.

  • For elegant updos, try a waterfall braid, intricate braided updo, or a combo of braids and curls pinned up.

  • For a softer vibe, use a wide barrel iron or braids to create loose, romantic waves and curls. You can even try overnight no heat curl setting methods.

  • Sleek and Straight: Use a flat iron on small sections of your hair and extensions to smooth and straighten from roots to ends. Apply a glossy serum for added shine and frizz control. This sleek, straight style is glamorous and polished.

Hair Care and Maintenance for 20 Inches Hair

Photo of luxury hair care shampoos

Wanting flowing, long hair lengths is one thing - but keeping it looking its best takes effort. Long hair or called waist length require dedicated care and upkeep to maintain that luscious look. You'll need to put in work. Basically, if you want long gorgeous hair, be prepared to make it a priority with consistent maintenance. Follow these steps:

  • Washing and Conditioning: Choose sulfate-free and alcohol-free shampoos and conditioners. These gentle formulas avoid stripping your hair and extensions of natural moisture. Heavy products like gels and hairsprays can weigh down your 20-inch locks, so it's better to skip those. Instead, use volumizing shampoos to boost thickness, especially when combined with extensions.

  • Shampooing: Too much shampooing strips your scalp's natural oils that keep long hair healthy. Limit shampooing to 2-3 times per week, always following with a conditioner. You can also use a cleansing conditioner instead of shampoo some days. Apply shampoo to the scalp, conditioner to the ends.

  • Drying Hair: After washing, gently squeeze excess water from hair with a towel instead of roughly rubbing. Use a wide-tooth comb on wet hair, never a brush. Allow your 20-inch hair to air dry when possible instead of using a blow dryer.

  • Styling and Heat Protection: Frequently styling 20-inch hair often involves heat tools which can cause damage. Always use a high-quality heat protectant spray beforehand. Look for hot tools with ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium plates - they distribute heat evenly for smoother results. When using hot tools on extensions, keep temps between 250-350°F to prevent damage. And minimize heat styling overall to keep your hair and extensions healthy.

  • Hairstyles: While updos like ponytails and braids are stylish, the tension can damage long hair. Wearing your hair down is easiest on 20-inch length. If pulling it back, use soft fabric hair ties and keep styles loose without pulling tightly.

  • Heat Tools: If using hot tools, invest in quality ones you can adjust to precise temperatures instead of just high/medium/low. This allows better heat control to prevent damage. Use a lower heat setting and always apply a thermal protectant first. The increased length of 20-inch hair makes it more susceptible to heat damage, so being cautious with temperatures is key.

  • Extension Care: Your extensions need just as much TLC as your natural hair. Wash them once to twice a week or when buildup is visible. Avoid getting clip-in extension clips wet. After applying a leave-in conditioner, air drying extensions flat or hanging is best. Use a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush, especially on wet hair. Rotate hairstyles to avoid stressing one area. See a pro for services like cutting or coloring extensions.

  • Regular Trims: While trims don't make hair grow faster, getting regular micro-trims every 6-8 weeks rids you of split ends before they resplit. With this schedule, you'll only need to trim about 1/2 inch each time to maintain 20-inch length.

  • Minimizing Friction: Hair rubbing against rough fabrics like wool causes split ends and breakage. For 20-inch hair, keep it swept to the side or tied back loosely when wearing these materials. With such lengthy locks, minimizing friction is crucial to prevent excessive damage and maintain the health of your ends.

  • Product Selection: Read ingredients and choose nourishing products formulated for your hair type. Avoid harsh sulfates, alcohols, and silicones. Look for natural oils, butters, and proteins. Using the right products becomes even more important with 20-inch hair, as the extra length requires ample moisture and nourishment from roots to ends.

  • Hair Dye and Product Usage: Hair dye is damaging, so avoid over-coloring your 20-inch hair. Use a minimal amount of styling products, as too much leads to buildup weighing down your long hair. Excessive dye and product use can really take a toll on 20 inches of hair, leading to dryness, breakage, and a dull appearance.

  • Brush: A high-quality brush with natural bristles like boar is ideal for gently detangling 20-inch hair without pull or breakage. Having the right brush prevents unnecessary stress and breakage on your lengthy locks.

  • Brush Before Bed: Include hair brushing in your nighttime routine. First detangle ends, then brush from roots to ends to distribute oils and prevent matting overnight. This step helps keep 20 inches of hair knot-free and well-conditioned while you sleep.

  • Hair Ties/Wraps: Elastics can cause pulling and damage. For overnight, use soft fabric scrunchies or wraps instead of tight hairties. This minimizes tension and breakage on 20-inch lengths while keeping hair contained.

  • Silk Pillowcase: Cotton pillowcases cause friction and roughness against long hair. Sleep on a silk pillowcase to minimize damage and split ends. With 20 inches to protect, a silk pillowcase is a must for reducing friction overnight.

  • Sleeping Cap/Bonnet: Containing your hair in a satin cap or bonnet at night minimizes tossing and tangling as you sleep. This helps keep your 20-inch length frizz-free and manageable in the morning.

  • Diet: Proper nutrition supports healthy hair. Drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K like fruits, veggies, proteins, and dairy. Supplements like biotin can also help. Providing your body with the right nutrients becomes even more essential when maintaining 20 inches of hair.

Customizing 20 Inches Hair Extensions

Changing 20-inch hair extensions to get the look you want is possible. You can cut the extensions to make them shorter. Then, a stylist sews or glues the trimmed extensions onto your hair. Getting extensions customized takes skill, so it's better to have an expert hairstylist do it. Caring for customized 20-inch extensions properly is very important to prevent damage or breakage

Cutting and Layering

When cutting your hair extensions, follow these steps to get the best results:

  1. First, clip the extensions into your natural hair to see how they blend and where the layers will fall.

  2. Use special hair cutting scissors. Only cut a little bit at a time so you don't take off too much length.

  3. Go slowly and be careful so you don't regret cutting too much later.

Start cutting the bottom layer first, then work your way up the layers. Cut the ends in a point-cutting style for a more natural look. Adding layers that match your natural hair is important for blending well.

If your natural hair is shorter or has a blunt cut, tease the roots a bit for lift. Tilt the extension clips slightly towards your face. Pin small sections at the nape of your neck for a smooth finish.

Hair Coloring

Picking the right color for your hair extensions is very important, just like finding the perfect fit. Foxy Hair® has many shade options to help you find an ideal match to your real hair color. This makes the extensions look super natural and hard to tell apart from your own hair. If you're unsure what color suits you best, Foxy Hair® offers a shade match service on our website.

If you want to add more depth and dimension, you can blend two similar shade extensions together. This works great if your natural hair has highlights or lowlights.

While human hair extensions like Foxy Hair®'s 20-inch ones can be dyed to better match your hair, always test a small section first to make sure the color works. Use professional hair dye products so you don't damage the extensions. This helps the extensions last longer and stay in great quality.

Adding Volume

Sometimes you don't need longer hair, you just want more volume and fullness. Layering hair extensions strategically can really help add volume, especially if your natural hair is thin or fine. Tease and backcomb your roots first - this gives lift at the base so the extensions create an even fuller, thicker look.

For mega volume, you can use special volumizer weft extensions made just for adding lots of thickness along with your regular extensions. Or if you like your hair length but want more body, simply trim the extensions to your current length


Having 20-inch hair gives you many options to express yourself through different styles. This length allows you to flaunt your natural locks or enhance them with extensions. You can style it straight for an elegant look or create playful curls and waves.With extensions, you can customize the look by trimming, coloring, and styling it to reflect your personal style.

Channel your inner hair goddess with our 20-inch extension collection. Our top-quality remy hair, vast shade range, and pro color shade advice will help achieve your dream look. Why wait? Get yours now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to grow hair 12 inches?

It takes a minimum of two years for hair to grow 12 inches.

How many cm is 20 inches of hair?

20 inches of hair is approximately 50.8 cm.

How long is 20 inch on hair?

A 20-inch hair length is long enough to extend beyond the shoulders and can vary in appearance based on the thickness or thinness of your natural hair.

How often should I trim my 20-inch hair or hair extensions?

For 20-inch hair or hair extensions, it's recommended to get a trim every 6-8 weeks for natural hair and as needed for extensions.

Can I use heat styling tools on my Foxy Hair® 20-inch Remy hair extensions?

Yes, you can use heat styling tools on your Foxy Hair® 20-inch Remy hair extensions.