How to Brush Hair with Extensions: Tips for Flawless Styling

How to Brush Hair with Extensions: Tips for Flawless Styling

Hair extensions can transform your look in an instant. However, maintaining those tresses requires some special care and technique. One important thing? Learning how to brush hair extensions properly. Brush the wrong way, and you could end up with a tangled, matted mess - which is everyone's nightmare!

The key is treating extensions differently than natural hair. With extensions, you'll need to brush gently and frequently to prevent knots and matting. Start from the bottom, using a looping motion to detangle the ends first, then work your way up the hair shaft. Brushing from the roots down can cause excessive shedding, damage, and more tangles.

Using the right brush makes a massive difference too. Opt for one designed specifically for extensions, with looped or vented bristles that minimize snagging. In this article, we'll guide you through the simple steps of brushing, tools, and daily routines.

What You Will Learn

  • The right brushes and tools to use on hair extensions to avoid damage

  • Tips on pre-brushing techniques to minimize tangles

  • Step-by-step guide on properly brushing extensions from ends to roots

  • Daily routines to keep extensions knot-free and looking fresh

  • Specific advice for brushing wet extensions and styling with extensions

Right Tools for Brushing Hair Extensions

Different types of hair brushes and combs


Here's the thing - you can't just use any old brush. Nope, you'll need one made specifically for extensions to avoid messing up your natural hair. Using the right brush is super important if you want to keep your hair, both the extensions and your real hair, looking healthy and gorgeous. A good extensions brush will gently detangle without ripping or breaking those precious strands of yours.

Pre-Brushing Techniques to Minimize Damage

It doesn't matter if you get a pro stylist to do it, try it on your own, or have a friend lend a hand - the key is properly prepping your hair before brushing those extensions. Taking a few extra minutes to get your natural locks and the extensions all ready to go? That'll make brushing way easier and keep those extensions looking fresh for way longer.

First, you should use a leave-in conditioner. It moisturizes your hair and makes it easier to brush your hair extensions without damaging your extensions. First, gently detangle with a wide-toothed comb or special detangling brush for extensions. This removes knots so you don't pull on the strands. Then, start brushing at the ends and work your way up. Don't start at the roots - that can cause breakage. Divide your hair into sections and brush each part separately. This thorough approach prevents tangling and shedding. If you have really stubborn knots, try a detangler spray made for extensions. It loosens knots so brushing is smoother without friction damage.

Easy Steps for Brushing Hair Extensions

Step-by-step guide for brushing hair extensions


Brushing hair extensions can feel like a workout, not self-care. When extensions are bonded to your natural hair, it's hard for your scalp's oils to coat all the strands. If you don't brush properly, your hair is more likely to tangle, knot, break, and become dry and brittle.

  1. Separate your hair into sections you can use your fingers or a comb.

  2. Start brushing downwards from the ends.

  3. Use your free hand to hold the hair firmly at the attachment points, so you don't tug on the bonds or roots. Brush downwards through the middle section up to the attachments.

  4. Gently brush downwards to loosen knots, don't pull or tear.

  5. Gradually work upwards towards the roots, always brushing down.

  6. Once at the roots/attachments, turn the brush sideways and lightly use the bristles to avoid pulling on the attachments.

  7. Do this brushing technique section by section for all your extensions.

Post-Brushing Care: Ensuring Longevity of Your Extensions

Taking good care of your hair extensions is super important if you want them to look amazing for as long as possible. It's not just about keeping them looking gorgeous, although that's definitely a big part of it. Proper aftercare can also save you money in the long run. Let's be real, hair extensions can be a serious investment.

But here at Foxy Hair®, we see our luxury Remy hair extensions as exactly that - an investment worth making. The quality is so high that with the right maintenance routine, these extensions can keep going strong for up to 5 years. That's way longer than a lot of other extensions out there that might only last a few months.

Before bed, brush your extensions and use a leave-in conditioner for moisture. Then loosely braid or plait them. This routine prevents tangling overnight and stops your hair from drying out.

Another tip - use gentle silk or mulberry scrunchies. They reduce damage and shedding. A silk pillowcase also helps by cutting down friction.

To keep your extensions healthy:

  • Use sulfate-free products to moisturize them

  • Washing your hair extension must be twice a week so they don't dry out

  • Gently squeeze excess water out with a towel instead of rubbing, which can cause tangles and damage

Don't over-brush, as that stresses the hair. Use a wide-tooth comb or extension brush to avoid breakage. After brushing, use a lightweight leave-in conditioner to hydrate and detangle. If you hit snags, carefully untangle with a wide-tooth comb.

Lastly, make sure your extensions are fully dry before styling or sleeping. Damp hair tangles easier.

Do's and Don'ts of Wet Brushing your Extensions

Daily maintenance for tangle-free extensions

Brushing Wet Extensions - The Dos

  • Be super gentle. When those extensions are wet, you gotta take it easy to avoid any breakage or damage.

  • Start at the ends and work your way up slowly. Don't just go straight for the roots - that's a recipe for tangles and tears.

  • Use a brush with really soft bristles made for extensions. Those stiff brushes will just cause pulling and pain.

  • Section it out and brush piece-by-piece. Trying to tackle it all at once is overwhelming for both you and your hair.

  • Give it one last gentle brush before bed. Get any lingering knots out so you wake up with smooth, tangle-free locks.

What Not to Do

  • Never brush when completely sopping wet. Wet hair is way more fragile - detangle first before getting it wet.

  • Don't overbrush. Once it's tangle-free, let it be. Too much brushing risks damage.

  • Avoid brushing anywhere too intimate or sensitive. No one wants an uncomfortable surprise down there.

  • Don't use harsh pressure or force. Be gentle. Pushing too hard leads to breakage and irritation.

  • Steer clear of brushing right over the extension bonds. Use a brush meant for extensions so you don't dislodge or damage them.


In conclusion, mastering how to brush and care for your hair extensions is totally doable and so worth the effort. With the right tools, techniques, and your Foxy Hair® clip-ins, your extensions can stay looking fabulous way longer. So go ahead - treat yourself today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of brush should you use with extensions?

You should use a bristle hairbrush with hair extensions, as it helps distribute natural oils for healthy and resilient locks.

How do you brush permanent hair extensions?

To brush permanent hair extensions, pull your hair together in the back like you want to make a low ponytail, then start brushing your hair gently from the tips all the way to the scalp to make your hair easier to style and keep it free from knots.

Should you brush extensions wet or dry?

No, it's best to avoid brushing wet extensions as it can cause damage to both the extensions and your natural hair.

How can I prevent my hair extensions from getting tangled?

To prevent your hair extensions from getting tangled, make sure to brush them regularly, use leave-in conditioner and detangling sprays, and tie them into a loose braid before bed.

Can I style my hair extensions?

Yes, you can style your hair extensions.