How To Transform Your Look with Top-Quality Dark Brown Clip in Hair Extensions

How To Transform Your Look with Top-Quality Dark Brown Clip in Hair Extensions

We all have a dream look in mind - one that could make us feel more confident and beautiful. For many of us, that look includes a good hair day. If you have dark brown hair and find yourself wanting a long, thick and bouncy hair, clip-in hair extensions you'll want to read on. This article will explore how clip-ins can transform your everyday style even on the days you are even trying to slay.

Enough of hair daydreaming, your dream dark brown hair is now a reality!

Why Everyone Loves Dark Brown Clip Ins

Variety of dark brown clip-in hair extensions
Dark brown hair extensions are a versatile hair accessory made from real, human hair that has been dyed a rich, dark brown shade. Unlike permanent extensions, clip-ins can be easily attached and removed as needed to add length and volume. They work by clipping into the natural hair along the crown and nape of the neck, concealed by the top layer.

Clip-ins come in varying lengths and weights to suit different needs and preferences. For a semi-permanent option, dark brown extensions can also be installed using a sew-in method. Whether you have curly, straight, thick or thin hair, dark brown clip-ins can provide extra fullness and length when styled.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Hair Extensions

Choosing the right clip-in hair extensions is a lot like finding the perfect pair of shoes. There are several important factors to consider before making your choice:

Finding Your Color Match

Finding the perfect color match is critical when choosing hair extensions to ensure a seamless blend with your own hair. The goal is for the extensions to look so natural that no one can tell you are wearing them. It's not just about matching the base color - you also need to consider the undertone. Dark brown hair comes in shades with warm undertones like chestnutmilk chocolate, and hazelnut. It also comes in cool undertones like blue and red-brown as well as more neutral sandy brown tones. Curly clip-in extensions are available in all these shades too. Choosing an undertone that complements the natural tones in your hair and skin is key, as this will brighten your complexion and make your look more cohesive.

How do you know your undertone?

  • Check for golden tones in your hair.

  • Look at the color of your wrist veins. Blue means cool, green means warm.

  • Using moisturizing hair products helps keep your natural hair and extensions healthy and blendable.

Lengths and Styles

Extensions like clip in hair extensions dark brown hair color give you tons of options when it comes to length, ranging anywhere from 14 inches to 26 inches long. This wide range provides flexibility to choose a length that complements your personal style and face shape.

It's not only about the length itself, but also the amount of volume the extensions will add to your hair. To get the best results, go for clip-ins that are at least 6-7 inches long since more hair will give you more to work with styling-wise. For extensions on the longer side, take your face shape into account - it is usually recommended that the length exceeds your chin to avoid adding roundness to the face and to create a balanced facial contour.

A standard 20-inch, 180 gram clip-in set contains 8 wefts (20 clips) to provide full head coverage, promising a voluminous bombshell look. Shorter clip-in lengths are great for adding subtle length and body, while medium lengths bring movement and dimension. Super long extensions make a dramatic statement.


Choosing the right weight for your clip-in extensions is so important. The weight adds volume and length, but it should also feel comfy and not overwhelm your natural hair. The goal is to enhance the hair, not overpower them.

Usually, 100-140 grams is a good weight range for clip-ins. This gives you volume yet still looks natural. Take your hair type into account too when picking the weight. Around 120 grams tends to work well for most hair types. This weight comes in lengths from 10 inches to 22 inche so that you get a nice blend of comfort and beauty.

Different Types of Clip in Hair Extensions

Woman styling her brown clip-in hair extensionsClip-in hair extensions come in many forms and colors. This can make choosing the right extensions confusing if you've never tried them before. The type you choose depends on your hair type and your needs.

  1. Clip-in sets contain individual weft pieces with clips to add fullness. Average sets have 5-8 pieces. Mini sets have fewer pieces, while mega sets have more. Seamless sets have a smooth band for fine hair while lace clip-ins have a thicker weft for thick hair.

  2. Halo extensions are headbands with an invisible wire and clips. These quick clip-ins work well for thin hair effortlessly.

  3. Ponytail extensions attach to your ponytail for added length and volume. This is a good extension for short hair. We advise to look for ones with velcro straps to securely fasten to your hair.

  4. Clip-in bangs create the look of bangs without cutting your hair. They come in various styles to blend with your hair.

  5. Clip-in closures attach at the crown to cover thinning spots or protect your hair. Their silk base allows for easy self-application.

Caring for your Hair Extensions

Proper washing and conditioning of clip-in hair extensionsClip-in hair extensions can last a while with proper care. Because the more frequent you use brown hair extensions, the shorter their lifespan is. That's why washing and conditioning them the right way is the key to make it lasts longer. This is how to do it.

Washing and Conditioning

Properly washing and conditioning clip-ins is key for health and longevity of your longer hair extensions. Here's how super easy:

  • Fill sink or bath with warm natural hydration source.

  • Use 2-3 pumps clarifying shampoo like Pureology Hydrate, Olaplex No. 4, or Maui Moisture Coconut Milk.

  • Gently apply shampoo along the weft lengths of your longer hair.

  • Rinse thoroughly with cold, clean water.

After shampooing, apply a gentle conditioner. Cleanse hair clip extensions every 15-20 wears or when visibly dirty, otherwise their lifespan shortens. Use a quarter-size conditioner amount, working through the longer hair from roots to tips. Leave on 2-3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Good conditioners are Loreal EverPure Moisture, Moroccan Oil Hydrating, Pureology Hydrate, Redken Color Extend, or Moroccanoil.

Let your hair clip in extensions air dry by hanging or laying flat super easy.


After washing and conditioning, store clip-ins properly to maintain quality and length of use. Here are some tips:

  • Keep in a cool, dry spot like a closet away from sunlight.

  • If still in good shape, store in original packaging.

  • To prevent tangling - fold weft over itself, wrap a scrunchie beneath, store neatly.

  • Brush extensions before storing to limit tangles.

A hair extension hanger also works for storage. You can use a large plastic bag if extensions are clean and dry and lay flat without excessive bending.

Hair Styles You Can Do with Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions allow you to try many fun styles. Here are a few:

Half up half down is a classic look. In order to create this, clip most wefts to the bottom half. Add smaller pieces to the top section pulled into a ponytail. This helps everything blend well.

Low ponytails are easy too. Brush your real hair with extensions to the side. Put it in a low pony with an elastic. Wrap hair around the base and secure with pins. You can clip in an extra weft at the base for more fullness before wrapping.

You can create a bouncy curls any time. To get big curls, wrap 1-2 inch sections of the extensions around a 1-1.5 inch barrel. Hold for 8-10 seconds before releasing. Let sets cool completely before gently separating curls with fingers for maximum volume.

High messy buns are cute for any event. Separate your real hair into parts to integrate the clip-ins. Brush hair up into a high ponytail then twist into a big bun and pin in place.

Space buns work nicely with extensions too. Clip most hair to the bottom and section the top into two even parts. Twist each one into a bun securing with bobby pins. Pull out pieces for a messy look.

Try a side bun by wrapping a low ponytail around itself and pinning. This looks nice with curly and wavy textures.

A fishtail braid starting at the crown flows beautifully with long extensions. Once you get the basic braid down, you can wear it both casually or formally.

Beachy waves are perfect for summer. Curl small sections with a wand and scrunch with sea salt spray. The heat style for these extensions will hold the waves longer.

High ponytails are classic. Simply gather all hair on top of the head, leaving out bangs if desired. Secure tightly with a hair tie.

A braided crown has a romantic vibe. Part hair down middle and Dutch braid each section, adding in hair as you go. Wrap the braids over each other in back and pin.

Why Remy Human Hair is the Best

Quality comparison of Remy human hair extensions

Remy hair is real human hair used for hairpieces and wigs. The cuticle remains intact on the hair strands. So when something says "Remy" you know it's not synthetic.

The key difference from regular human hair is that Remy has all cuticles facing the same direction. Brands like Foxy Hair have extensions made from Remy hair. This means the hair moves smoothly and has a more natural look. Keeping the cuticles going the same way reduces tangling as well compared to non-Remy hair.

Texture and Shine

Remy hair keeps its natural cuticle. This prevents tangling that happens with non-Remy wigs when coatings wash out over time.

Keeping the real cuticle also locks in moisture for hair that stays silky, smooth and shiny. Remy is known for a healthy vibrant shine from light bouncing off the intact cuticles.

Attaching strands by hand to wefts mimicking real growth direction gives Remy hair extensions a natural flow. Following the original cuticle orientation results in soft, tangle-free hair with movement like your own.


Remy hair extensions last longer than regular ones by preventing the damage which shortens lifespan. The cuticle layer shields the integrity of each strand. This protection permits dyeing and flexibility like other real hair. You just have to follow care instructions to keep it looking good over time.

Intact unidirectional cuticles stop the strands from tangling and matting over time. Without twisting and knotting, the hair scalp maintains its texture and shine. This lasts for around one year of durability exceeding non-Remy hair.

The meticulous hand harvesting aligns strands in the natural direction of growth. Less processing compared to other extensions contributes to around a one year lifespan for Remy hair.

Achieving Salon-Worthy Results at Home

Step-by-step guide to applying clip-in hair extensionsThe first step to fabulous hair is finding the perfect extensions for your needs. This is why Foxy Hair proprietary clip-ins is recommended, as we also produce high-quality Remy human hair in many beautiful shades, including various browns from Mocha to Hazelnut. Foxy Hair has a shade-matching service to help you find the ideal color which is a plus if you are still confused about what color of extensions you may get.

As a direct-to-consumer company, we at Foxy Hair pass savings on to you with reasonable rates. Our exceptional customer service and easy returns make shopping a breeze. Foxy Hair produces luxury, silky and soft extensions for all. 

Foxy Hair's proprietary clip-ins give you instant volume, beauty, and lush locks. This could be a way for you to achieve a hair that looks like it was done in a salon.

Once you’ve selected your clip-in hair extensions, follow these steps for a flawless at-home look:

  1. Section your own hair cleanly to integrate extensions.

  2. Use quality styling tools to curl and style.

  3. Clip 2-clip wefts at temples for a secure foundation.

  4. Incorporate some natural hair into each curl with the extensions for perfect blending.

Step-by-Step Application of Hair Extensions

Applying extensions at home is easy with the right tools. You can get salon-worthy hair without the going to an expensive hair salon.

First, gather your extension pieces, hairspray, clips, a mirror, comb, brush and hair clips.

Then, part your hair where you want volume or length. Clip up any loose sections above the part.

Next, follow these steps to attach the extensions:

  • Spray the clips with hairspray for hold.

  • Line up the extension with your root.

  • Snap the clips closed to secure.

  • Repeat for each piece until you get the desired fullness and length.

If you are going for a natural look:

  • Divide hair into rows from neck up.

  • Clip in extensions along each row, bottom to top.

  • For curly hair, part hair down center. Section off top layer before clipping pieces in.

Using two extension colors can blend better with your natural shade. To hide clips:

  • Tease hair around clips and hairspray.

  • Use root concealer to blend with natural hair.

  • Wrap a small section of your hair around clip bases.

Removal and Aftercare

After a long day wearing your extensions, it's time to take them out. First, lightly mist your hair and extensions with detangler or water. Then, gently brush through with a wide-toothed comb starting from the bottom up. This helps remove tangles. Carefully unclip each extension piece and slide it out of your hair.

When using clip-ins, remember they are designed for occasional, temporary wear. Handle them gently when putting in and taking out to avoid pulling on your natural hair. Keep your extensions clean by washing every 15-20 wears or whenever you notice product buildup.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, dark brown clip-ins are awesome for adding length, volume and style to your hair. They really work for all hair types and textures so you'll find a perfect set. The trick is finding a hidden gem like Foxy Hair where high quality Remy human hair extensions is produced ethically with so many pretty dark brown shades. Remy hair looks the most natural, with amazing shine and durability. But you still gotta take care of those extensions - follow tips to make them last. With the right techniques, you'll get gorgeous salon-quality hair at home.

Being beautiful doesn't have to cost the earth. Check out Foxy Hair's selection of clip-ins today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to go lighter or darker with extensions?

It's better to go lighter with extensions because if they're slightly too light, you can easily tone them darker, but you can't bleach a dark extension lighter.

Are clip in extensions OK for your hair?

Yes, clip in hair extensions are okay for the hair.

Can I dye my clip-in hair extensions darker?

Yes, you can dye your clip-in hair extensions darker. It's a simple process you can do at home, but avoid trying to go lighter.

How long can you leave clip-in hair extensions?

You can leave clip-in hair extensions for three to six months if you take good care of them and avoid damaging them.

How can I choose the right clip-in hair extensions for fine hair?

To choose the right clip-in hair extensions for fine hair, consider the weight to ensure comfort and avoid strain on your natural hair.

Key Takeaways

  • Clip in extensions instantly give you more volume and length. You've got options for different lengths and weights. They work for all hair types.

  • Matching your color and undertone is crucial for a seamless blend.

  • With clip in extensions, you can heat style them and create different looks for any event. Use heat protectant to keep the hair healthy.

  • Take care of your new extensions and they'll last. Wash and condition them regularly. Handle gently, store properly, and don't overuse heat.

  • Visit a stylist or shop at Foxy Hair to take advantage of proper color matching and placement.