Style Guide On Using Clip In Hair Extensions For Your Wedding Day

Style Guide On Using Clip In Hair Extensions For Your Wedding Day

When looking at dreamy bridal hair, you'll notice a key element in those glam styles - extensions. Stylists share their secrets to achieving gorgeous wedding hair. This post has the details to help you choose the perfect extensions, without the fluff.

We all want beautiful hair on our wedding day. Whether unsure about shopping or certain what you want, here's a simple breakdown to start. Clip-ins can save the day by getting your dream look, especially for thin-hair brides. They're a celeb go-to, with A-listers using clip-in ponytails, fillers, and faux bangs without damage...

You Will Learn

  • How to get professional help picking extensions that blend perfectly with your hair's texture, thickness, and color. This ensures a secure fit on your wedding day.

  • Tips for selecting clip-ins with the right length, volume, and texture to complement your hair. This enhances your bridal style for ultimate glam.

  • Ways to care for your extensions after your wedding. Using sulfate-free shampoo and proper drying keeps them in great shape for the future.

Choosing the Right Clip In Hair Extensions for Your Wedding

Bridal hair stylist selecting clip in hair extensionsSeeing a professional bridal hair stylist is the first step to finding the perfect clip-ins for your wedding. They can guide you through the process. Have them help you try on different extensions to get ones that blend with your hair's texture and thickness. Your clip-ins need to match your natural hair seamlessly, just like your dress matches your personality.

It's important to test out clip-ins, kind of like when you tried on dresses. This ensures you get a flawless match and total satisfaction on your big day. Brands like Foxy Hair® understand this importance and our hair extensions are consistently thick from root to tip for a natural effect. We use ethically sourced, premium Remy human hair that is hand-blended by experienced technicians and colored by experts.

Things to Consider When Choosing Hair Extension for your Wedding

Regardless of your hair type or situation, there are some important factor to understand about extensions before your wedding day arrives.

  1. Finding Your Perfect Color Match

Finding the ideal color match for your bridal extensions doesn't have to be tricky. We offer a wide range of color choices, including multi-tonal, pre-styled options. They provide personal matching help through text or custom in-person services.

Foxy Hair® also offers online color matching. This service suggests personalized colors after assessing photos of your hair in natural light - all within 24 hours! When selecting a shade, consider:

  • Your skin tone

  • Undertones

  • Highlights

  • Difference between your roots and ends

It's best to match the lower sections of your natural hair.

If needed, our high-quality Remy extensions can be professionally dyed to flawlessly match your hair color or achieve certain shades. This improves blending with your real hair.

  1. Determining the Ideal Length and Volume

Once you've found the perfect color match, it's time to decide on length and volume. Clip-in brands offer ranges of lengths - whether you want a subtle boost or dramatic increase. We have options to give you the look you desire.

For customization later, choose extensions a bit longer than your natural hair. This allows trimming and personalizing to your taste. How much of your real hair and the complexity of your style impacts how many extensions you need.

A fuller, loose or cascading look may need at least three clip-ins. To add volume, try layering different lengths or use a one-piece for overall thickness.

  1. Selecting the Texture That Complements Your Style

Your natural hair texture is a key factor in choosing wedding hairstyles. Curly hair often requires certain products or treatments to achieve formal styles. Straight hair is more flexible for updo variations.

If your hair is curly, options like braids, twists, or blow drying straight may work well. For straight hair, consider updos, chignons, or straight extensions. Also pick a style that complements your face shape.

Benefits of Using Clip In Hair Extensions on Your Big Day

Bride with clip in hair extensions enjoying her wedding dayYour wedding day is so special, and every bride wants to look her best on the big day. Your hairstyle is key to your overall bridal look, and permanent hair extensions can help you achieve perfection. Here are the reasons clip-ins can be great for your wedding day glam:

  • Clip-ins can add fullness to any hairstyle - whether you wear your hair down in curls, waves, or braided updos and ponytails. They work well for creating different looks. Clip-ins help you get your dream wedding hair perfectly. It lets you do intricate styles not possible with only your natural hair.

  • Clip-ins instantly add length and fullness if you have thin or short hair. Get those long, lush locks you've always wanted without waiting for growth. The volume also creates a fuller hairstyle - perfect for a more dramatic bridal look.

  • Clip-ins really make hair color stand out - whether you're blonde, solid, or have highlights and lowlights. Blending seamlessly with your natural hair, clip-ins create a flawless, natural look finish.

  • If your hair won't hold a curl, clip-ins are for you. They curl beautifully and stay styled. When you feel gorgeous, it shows in your photos.

  • And clip-ins aren't permanent. Apply and remove them quickly - perfect for switching up your look throughout the day.

How to Prepare Your Own Hair for Clip Ins

Getting your hair ready before putting in clip-in extensions is really important. Start by washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo. This removes any product buildup and leaves your hair clean so the small clips can attach securely.

Then, use a low pH conditioner. This helps smooth down the hair cuticles so the extensions get a good grip and don't slip around. Do a deep conditioning treatment every 1-2 weeks too. Deep conditioning keeps your hair healthy and strong so it can support the weight of the extensions.

And don't forget to use heat protection spray if you plan to style your hair with hot tools before adding the extensions. The heat protectant will prevent damage to your own hair.

Expert Installation Tips for Clip In Hair Extensions

Installing extensions is extremely easy. Follow these steps:

First, section off hair a few inches above the neck. Slightly tease roots for grip. Use hairspray if needed.

Then, attach the clips:

Start with the right length and texture extensions. Firmly snap clips into teased sections toward the sides. Place wefts under natural layers for invisibility. After each layer, tug to check security. Blend with natural hair for a seamless look. Mist with hairspray for hold, avoiding heat near clips.

How to Choose a Hair Style for Your Wedding

Picking a wedding hairstyle can overwhelm even the calmest bride. With so many options, it may seem impossible to decide. But take a deep breath - here is how to choose with confidence:

Reflect your style. Your wedding celebrates your love story. So pick a hairstyle that captures your personality - romantic, boho, classic, longer hair, or something else.

Consider your dress. A cohesive look has hair and dress working together. If your gown has intricate details, an updo can complement it. A plunging neckline pairs nicely with cascading curls or a half-up style.

Think about the venue. An outdoor tropical wedding may need a more weatherproof braided style. An indoor affair allows more flexibility.

Consider the factor in your hair type. Thin hair can be boosted with extensions. Curly hair may embrace its natural texture.

Have a hair trial to see the style on you and make tweaks. Bring photos of inspiration and your dress.

Stick to your choice once made. Too much input can cause indecision. Focus on what makes you happiest.

Most importantly, choose a style that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and bridal. Your happiness shines through as you make memories on your big day.

Styles You Can Do for Your Bridal Hair

Styles You Can Do for Your BridalYour hairstyle is the crowning touch to your wedding day beauty. With so many gorgeous choices, it makes a statement.

Keep it simple with a braided updo or half-up, half-down style. For a casual vibe, add a flower or hair pin. Glam it up with a headband or veil for formal affairs.

You could go for the most popular types:

Classic Updo- An elegant updo is a timeless choice for brides. It works for all hair lengths and textures. Simple chignons, buns, and twisted styles keep hair neatly off the face and showcase gown details. Add sparkling pins or flowers for embellishment.

Romantic Waves- For a relaxed yet romantic vibe, loose waves are perfect. Have your stylist create soft curls or beachy waves, then pull back some strands from the front to shape your face. Let the rest gently cascade over your shoulders or back.

Half Up, Half Down- This style combines an updo's polish with free-flowing locks' romantic flair. Pull back and pin up the crown section neatly and let the rest of your locks hang loose. Keep it sleek or add some waves. Accessorize with a dainty hair vine or baby's breath.

Boho Braids- If you are a chic boho bride, you will love intricate braided styles. Go for a single thick braid, loose fishtail, halo braid, or swept-back multi-braids. Interlace ribbons or flowers for whimsical flair. Wear the rest of your hair wavy and long.

High Ponytail- For a modern minimalist panache, slick your hair back into a dramatic high ponytail. Sleek it straight or add a body with curls or crimping. Statement earrings peeking out will stun. This allows your dress's neckline and details to take center stage.

Maintaining Your Clip In Hair Extensions Post-Wedding

Caring for your clip-ins post-wedding will keep them looking fresh. Follow this general rule to get the most wear out of your investment:

Store properly between uses. Keep extensions in the original packaging or hang/lay flat in a cool, dry place. Improper storage can damage stylist integrity.

Gently brush and wash after each use. Use a wide-tooth comb and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep hair soft and detangled. Let your extensions air dry.

Avoid excessive heat styling. Clip-ins can withstand some heat, but frequent hot tools will dry out and frizz hair over time. Limit use to special events.

Trim ends if needed. Natural hair and extensions may shed and split at different rates. Schedule occasional trims to even out ends and prevent tangling.

Where to Shop for Bridal Clip In Hair Extensions

Finding your perfect hair extensions match gives a feeling like when you've just gotten married - pure happiness and excitement for this new chapter in your life. With the right extensions, you'll look as radiant walking down the aisle as you feel inside.

When shopping for dreamy bridal hair, look no further than Foxy Hair® clip in hair extensions for your wedding day. Our brand offers 100% ethically-sourced Remy human hair in various lengths from 14-26 inches and 19 rich shades.

As a direct-to-consumer brand, Foxy Hair® offers luxury bridal hair extensions of the highest quality at a fraction of the typical cost. Our production model allows savings to be passed down to brides through ready-to-ship inventory. These budget-friendly sets come pre-styled for effortless application, including layered lengths, pre-toned coloring, and pre-sectioned clip placements. Achieve gorgeous, wedding-worthy locks in minutes for a reasonable price.

Yet Foxy Hair® does not compromise on quality. Our 100% Remy human hair has intact cuticles for flawless texture and movement. proprietary seamless wefts and lightweight snap clips are comfortable and seamlessly blend into natural hair. The results are glossy, fluid mane with volume and length that photographs beautifully. You’ll forget you’re even wearing extensions!

Beyond exceptional ready-to-wear options, we provide custom color matching and styling. Our expert hair technicians will personally assess your unique tone, dimension, and wedding vision to create best clip ins. Any ombré, balayage, or solid shade imaginable can be recreated. The customized hair will integrate and elevate your natural strands for your special day.


Finding dreamy wedding hair extensions is easier than you think. With some savvy tips, you can choose clip-ins to match your color, length, volume, and style perfectly. Whether you want an updo or boho wave, extensions add versatility.

The magic doesn't end on your big day either. Properly stored and cared for, clip-ins will last through future special events too. So embrace hair extensions to elevate your bridal glam.

Explore the lookbook for style inspiration. Read guides on everything from choosing the right shade to DIY application.

Or take the guesswork out by ordering custom color-matched extensions made just for you. Share details on your natural hair and wedding vision and their experts will create a set to seamlessly match.

With the right clip-in hair extensions, you'll have picture-perfect, confident locks from walking down the aisle to your final farewell exit. Visit Foxy Hair® to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I do clip in extensions for my wedding?

Yes, you should consider clip-in hair extensions for your wedding hairstyle.

Can you wear a hair clip to a wedding?

Yes, you can wear a hair clip to a wedding. Just make sure it goes with the theme and doesn't take attention away from the bride or wedding party. Choose classy, subtle clips.

Can you do an updo with clip in extensions?

Yes, you can create an updo hairstyle with clip-in extensions - simply put your hair in a high bun, leaving out some pieces around your face for a framing effect, then add the clip-in ponytail extensions and wrap them around the bun, using bobby pins to pin the ponytail wefts to the bun, especially if using a Halo extension, and finally finish styling and securing your updo look.

How do I prepare my natural hair for clip-in extensions?

To prepare your natural hair for clip-in extensions, first wash it with a clarifying shampoo to remove buildup. Then condition with a low pH conditioner to smooth and detangle the hair. Be sure to use a deep conditioning treatment regularly to keep the hair healthy. Also, protect your hair from heat damage by using a heat protectant spray when styling. Make sure your natural hair is clean and well-conditioned before applying the clip-in extensions.

How do I maintain my clip-in hair extensions after the wedding?

To maintain your clip-in hair extensions after the wedding, follow the aftercare regime provided by the brand, wash them every few wears with a sulfate-free shampoo, and store them properly away from direct sunlight.