Tips for Working Out with Hair Extensions for Sweat-Proof Style

Tips for Working Out with Hair Extensions for Sweat-Proof Style

Maintaining an active lifestyle while having a good hair day can be difficult for women with hair extensions. With the new year here, many make resolutions to exercise more. Ramping up gym sessions, running, and other workouts provides benefits. It can also damage hair extensions through sweating, tangling, and breakage. The good news is you can keep clip-in extensions looking great while active.

This article gives tips to prepare extensions before workouts. It provides advice to protect them during activities. It shares how to properly care for them after. With the right techniques, you don't need to sacrifice nice hair to stay fit. Follow these tips to keep extensions smooth and tangle-free. A few easy steps let you have great hair and an active lifestyle.

Always Remember To

  • Choose right hair extension type for your workouts. Consider hair type and maintenance needs.

  • Protect extensions when exercising. Use leave-in conditioner. Braid hair. Manage sweat with dry shampoo.

  • Care for extensions after workouts. Wash, condition, and dry properly. See a stylist for maintenance.

The Essentials of Exercising with Hair Extensions

Woman with ponytail working out at the gym

Working out with hair extensions can be challenging. Preparing when wearing hair extensions thoughtfully helps. Tips to try:

Choose the Right Extension Method for Your Lifestyle

Consider Foxy Hair® clip-in extensions, which come in 19 stunning colors ranging from ice blonde to goldilocks blonde and mocha to hazelnut. Foxy Hair®'s proprietary clip-in hair extensions provide immediate volume, beauty and lusciousness. 

Protect Extensions While Exercising

Braid hair to prevent tangling during workouts. Avoid very tight braids that could tug on extensions. Wear a headband to keep hair back and absorb sweat. Use a gentle tie that won't pull. Apply leave-in conditioner before to keep hair smooth.

Follow Proper After-Exercise Care

Before showering, gently detangle with a soft brush or tangle teaser to prevent knots. Use extension-safe shampoo and conditioner to wash out sweat and oils that can damage tape glue or nano bonds. Wash soon after workouts to remove buildup. Air dry instead of heat to prevent damage to bonds. Get regular maintenance from your stylist.

Hairstyles That Hold Up in the Gym

Woman with long hair and a headband working outMany women know the feeling. You're working out, in the groove, when suddenly your hair escapes its ponytail or bun. Now salty sweat strands are all over your face, impossible to put back up.

But some hair styles keep hair secure during workouts. Here are a few ideas to keep your workout rolling without annoying hair extension issues.

  • Low Ponytail: Keep loose strands back to avoid frizz. Secure ponytail at nape of neck to look put together after your workout.

  • Tied Back With a Headband: Tie hair back in a bun, then add a breathable mesh headband to secure flyaways. Simple and secure.

  • Topknot: Pull top half of hair back and pin at crown. Gather remaining hair into a high bun. Use bobby pins on stray hairs so your neck can breathe.

  • Half-Up Topknot: Make a side part and tie up top half. Lets you have some hair down but keeps hair from face. Good for short hair.

  • Braided Bun: Braid both sides back toward nape of neck. Tie together and pin into a bun to keep hair off sweaty neck.

  • Stay-Put Ponytail: Braid top section back and secure into ponytail. Wrap a strand around ponytail holder for a put together look.

  • High Ponytail With a Headband: A go-to for a reason - keeps hair back and looks polished.

  • Ponytail Braid: Secure hair in ponytail then braid to bottom. Add a headband to secure flyaways.

  • Twisted Side Braid: For a pretty, effortless looking braid that stays put, try this twisted style on one side.

  • Simple Cotton Bandanna: Tie a simple cotton bandana around your head to keep hair back. Use two separate wraps to ensure security. Tie at the neck to keep in place.

Post-Workout Care When Wearing Extensions

Woman leaving the gym (post-workout) with hair extensionsWe love to work up a sweat at the gym. A good sweat makes us feel like we accomplished something - it's a fitness rite of passage.

But damp hair sticking to sweaty skin can be so annoying. At the end of class your hair is a wet mop impossible to fix for work or the rest of your day.

It's enough to make you want to skip workouts if you have plans afterwards. No one wants to show up with a frizzy mess stuck to their face and neck.

Luckily some simple hairstyles keep sweaty strands under control so you can workout hard and still look put together right after. A few adjustments let you have that after-gym glow without the messy hair.

  1. After your workout, be gentle with your hair. Start by carefully brushing out any tangles or debris. Use your regular shampoo and conditioner to wash out sweat and dirt. Rinse thoroughly. Pat dry with a towel - no rubbing! Air dry instead of blow drying to prevent damage.

  2. Bring your own hair products to the gym. The ones there may not work with your hair type. Using the wrong shampoo or conditioner can ruin your hair.

  3. If you wash after your workout, start blow drying with cool air. Hot air causes more oil buildup. If you're skipping the wash, cool your head first before styling.

  4. Have designated hair ties just for the gym. The ones you wear there absorb sweat and oils. Wash them regularly to keep them fresh.

  5. If you have fine, oily hair: Use dry shampoo instead of baby powder. Dry shampoo soaks up oil without getting cakey.

  6. If you have dry hair: Try a hair refresher spray. It helps neutralize odors and reduce static.

  7. If you have curly hair: Work some curl gloss through after washing. It defines waves and curls without crisping or drying.

  8. For a polished ponytail: Wash, air dry, work in conditioner for control. Smooth into a sleek, slicked-back style.

Maintaining Hair Health During Intense Workouts

woman with hair extensions doing an intense workoutWhile working out benefits your body, it can be tough on hair extensions. Sweat and oils build up, causing wear and tear. But with the right extra care, you can keep extensions looking great.

When managing sweat and oil:

  • Use a generous amount of dry shampoo before and after workouts to absorb sweat and oil

  • Still, wash your hair extensions every other day with mild shampoo and conditioner

  • Wash more frequently if exercising often to reduce oil buildup

How can you protect your extensions on the gym equipment and contact

  • Secure hair in a loose braid or bun during workouts

  • Use silk ties to prevent breakage

  • Avoid wet hair to minimize irritation and excess sweat trapping

  • Let hair down after and avoid heat styling. Air dry instead.

  • Choose textured hairstyles that work for post-workout hair

Additional Tips:

  • Stay out of the hot afternoon sun to prevent damage and frizz

  • Use a UV protection spray if exercising outdoors

  • Rinse with cold water after conditioning to close cuticles

  • Change up your hairstyle after workouts to let scalp breathe

  • Gently detangle with fingers and a wide-tooth comb

The Pros and Cons of Working Out in Extensions

woman with hair extensions training in the gym with friendThere are a lot of factors to consider before having your Foxy Hair® Extensions fitted. Consider these pros and cons:


  • Allows you to have voluminous, beautiful hairstyles while exercising

  • Can pull hair up off neck when working out

  • Certain extension types and methods hold up better with activity

  • Provides styling flexibility - can change up looks frequently

  • Gives the option to add length and highlights without coloring your natural hair


  • Sweat and oils build up faster, requiring more frequent washing

  • Prone to tangles, matting, and loosening during workouts

  • Need proper prep before and maintenance after exercising

  • Must choose the right extension type for your lifestyle

How and When to Remove Extensions for Specific Activities

Swimming can damage extensions. The salt and chlorinated water can make them tangled and dry hair breathe, swim cap, few precautions. Take out sew-in or clip-in extensions before swimming.

Consider removing tape-in extensions if you swim often. Or wear a tight cap over them. Don't forget to rinse out the chlorine after. Take out temporary extensions before high-impact sports. A few precautions like wearing a tight swim cap can help protect extensions

Buns and ponytails can tug on extensions during hardcore workouts. The pulling can loosen or rip them. If removing extensions often, give your natural hair breaks. Use moisturizing products between wears. Schedule removal and replacement with your stylist.

Identifying Signs of Wear and Tear

Check your hair extensions. Look for damage from sports or exercise. Are any bonds broken? Is the adhesive loose? This means they may detach from your hair. Also check for split ends, frizz, dryness. It shows they're getting overworked. Notice any tugging or discomfort where they're attached? That signals extension wear and tear. Keep an eye out. Catching problems early lets you get them fixed or replaced. Then you can keep rocking those locks during tough workouts.

The Role of the Stylist in Extension Care

Seeing your stylist helps keep extensions looking great while you are hitting the gym. Their expertise preserves the life of your extensions, so you get the most from your investment. Schedule regular appointments for:

  • Inspection of hair and scalp. Checks for any issues.

  • Reattaching loose extensions. Fixes any bonds that detached.

  • Trimming. Stylist can cut to maintain style and health.

  • Education on care. Get professional tips for washing, styling, and maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Keeping hair extensions looking great while staying active can seem hard. But it is possible with some effort. Getting extensions ready before workouts helps. Providing care after makes a difference too. Seeing a professional for tips is a good idea. With the right preparation and maintenance, you can maintain nice hair extensions and an active lifestyle. A little extra work goes a long way.

Foxy's clip-in extensions are perfect for hitting the gym or studio - just clip them out before your sweat session. Our extensions make it easy to look salon-fabulous at the gym, track, and everywhere your active lifestyle takes you. Upgrade your hair game by getting Foxy Hair® extensions today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to sweat with hair extensions?

Yes, it’s okay to sweat with hair extensions, but it's best to minimize their exposure to sweat to prolong their lifespan.

Can you go to the gym with hair extensions?

Yes, you can go to the gym with hair extensions and tie your hair up while working out with tape extensions.

What are the best workout hairstyles for hair extensions?

To keep your hair extensions protected during workouts, opt for high ponytails, French braids, plaited buns, or ballerina buns, as they keep your hair up and out of the way. Avoid messy buns to prevent tangling and matting.

Does sweat ruin tape in extensions?

Yes, sweating with tape hair extensions is possible, but you should use a high-quality tape adhesive designed for sweating.

How often should I wash my hair extensions if I exercise regularly?

Wash your tape hair extensions every 3-5 days if you exercise regularly to get rid of sweat and oils.