Why 20 inch Clip In Hair Extensions Are So Popular For Instant Volume & Length

Why 20 inch Clip In Hair Extensions Are So Popular For Instant Volume & Length

Who doesn't dream of waking up with gorgeous hair? With our 20-inch clip-in extensions, you can make that dream a reality. They're perfect for anyone who wants a quick hair makeover or to level up their style for a special occasion. No need to commit to extensions long-term - just clip them in and go! In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know about 20-inch clip-ins.

Benefits of 20 Inch Clip-In Hair Extensions

A woman with long, voluminous hair showcasing the versatility of 20-inch clip-in hair extensionsAnyone can be an ideal consumer for hair extensions. Hair extensions give your hair more length, volume, and color, with the 20-inch ones being especially popular because people find them easy to style. The longer extensions come with particular benefits that make them a go-to choice.

Versatility in Styling

One of the best parts about 20-inch clip-ins is how it is easy they are for styling your hair. You can create huge range of different looks!

  • Add some vintage-inspired waves and curls

  • Pull your hair up into a high, straight ponytail

  • Twist your locks into a chic bun

  • Part your hair sleekly to one side

  • Braid your full, voluminous tresses

These popular length of extensions are perfect for anyone with long hair already. They give you noticeable extra length and volume, which makes styling for different occasions a breeze.

Low Maintenance

Clip-in extensions don't need much work to care for. Since they clip into your natural hair, they're not permanently attached. Take them out at night and brush as usual - no special products or styling needed. You can wash, dry, and style your hair without worrying about the extension adhesive. Clip in hair extensions are also less prone to tangling and matting.

Easy Application

The clip-in extensions feature pre-attached hair that you can easily clip into your own hair. They are easy to apply and can be done at home without the help of a professional hairstylist. Just section your hair, snap the wefts in place and voila - instant long locks in minutes! No bonds, glue or salon visits needed for adjustments. You simply clip the extensions in and out whenever wanted.

Types of 20 Inch Clip-In Hair Extensions

Different types and textures of 20-inch clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in extensions are a great way to naturally add length and volume to your hair. With so many good options out there, how do you pick the best clip-ins for you?

We at Foxy Hair have lots of different 20-inch clip-in styles. This makes it easy to find the perfect match to get the look you want. Whether you're aiming for more volume, length, or trying a new texture, there are extensions for you.

There are different types of hair extensions. Each uses a different application method. Understanding your choices helps you know what to ask for next time you're at the hair salon or scrolling in an online hair extensions store.

  • Standard Clip-Ins - These are the classic and most popular clip-in hair extensions. They have clips sewn into a weft of hair that you simply clip into your own hair. Easy to put in and take out.

  • Double-Sided Clip-Ins - These have clips on both sides of the weft to provide a more secure hold. Great for those with thick or heavy hair.

  • Halo Clip-Ins - A wire runs across the back of the hair weft with clips attached. You put it on like a headband or halo around your head for all over volume.

  • Curly Clip-Ins - Clip-ins with a permanently curled or wavy texture add body and bounce. Great for creating beachy waves.

  • Clip-In Bangs/Fringes - Shorter clip-in pieces that frame your face and blend with your natural hair. Can be straight or curved.

  • Novelty Clip-Ins - Fun clip-ins like ombre colors, dip-dyed ends, streaks, braided, crimped or extremely curly textures.

  • Volumizing Clip-Ins - Very thin, layered clip-in pieces that add volume without length. Help boost fine, limp hair.

How to Choose the Perfect Shade for Your 20 Inch Clip-In Hair Extensions

Comparison of 20-inch clip-in hair extensions with different shades to match natural hair colors

At Foxy Hair, we know choice is beautiful. That's why we offer 19 different shades  - so everyone can find the perfect match.

Our extension colors range from deep brunettes to radiant blondes, fiery reds, and fun highlights and balayages in between. Whether you want a subtle change or a total transformation, our huge range has you covered.

Some tips for picking the right shade:

  • Consider your skin tone. Neutral tones work with almost any shade. Warm tones look great with golds and ambers. Cool tones shine with ash and platinum blondes.

  • Your eye color is a guide too. Pick shades that make your eyes pop. Deep browns and hazels pop against chestnut. Blue and green eyes shine with sandy blondes and soft mochas.

  • Matching your roots is key for a natural look. Stick close to your root color for subtlety. Or gradually blend into ombres and balayages for drama!

How to Apply and Care for Your 20 Inch Clip-In Hair Extensions

Applying and caring for your chair extensions is a real challenge. To keep your hair extensions looking amazing you need to care for them properly at home. Even though they look gorgeous leaving the salon, maintaining their beauty takes some effort. A strict routine helps your extensions last longer, especially if you miss maintenance appointments.

Application Process

Putting in extensions the right way is key to making them look natural. Follow these steps:

  • Gently backcomb the roots

  • Spritz clips with hairspray for extra hold

  • Start attaching from the crown downwards to blend with your hair

You'll need:

  • A comb for sectioning

  • Clips

  • A rat tail comb

  • An extensions brush

These tools help install 20-inch clip-ins on your hair. Section hair into thin, straight pieces. Clip the 20 inch hair extensions in starting from the bottom up. Layer them with your natural hair as you go. Then brush gently to blend naturally.

Caring for Your Hair Extensions

Similar to your natural hair, your extensions require careful care to preserve quality and lifespan. To take good care for your extensions follow these..

  • Make sure to use sulfate-free products to avoid dry, weak hair. Store properly when not worn - in a cool, dry place out of sunlight. And wash and condition every 12-15 wears to keep fresh.

  • When you wash, treat extensions like your hair but remember to use your stylist's shampoo and conditioner for your extension type. Avoid ingredients like sulfates and alcohol. When you washing in the shower focus shampoo on roots and conditioner on ends. And use lukewarm, not hot, water.

  • Never sleep with wet hair. Letting hair air dry prevents a tangled mess in the morning. And remember, wet hair is prone to damage from tossing and turning.

  • Always gently brush, starting from the ends and carefully working up to the roots. Too much pressure on your roots loosens bonds.

  • Schedule weekly conditioning treatments since the bonds don't get natural scalp oils. These treatments keep your extensions smooth and shiny.

  • Limit heat damage by using heat protectant sprays and low heat settings. It is also important to give your hair heat breaks.

  • Prevent bedtime tangling by putting hair in loose ponytails, using scrunchies or silk bands, or trying loose braids. These keep hair tangle-free overnight.

  • Make sure to daily separate bonds with your fingers to prevent matting.

Tips for Styling Your 20 Inch Clip-In Hair Extensions

Stylish woman showcasing different hairstyles with 20-inch clip-in hair extensions

The possibilities of styling are endless when you have a 20 inch hair extensions. And when it comes to..

Blending and Layering

  • When attaching extensions, make sure to spread them out evenly around your head for the most natural look. Don't attach too many wefts close together.

  • Layer the extensions properly - longer layers on top, shorter layers underneath blending with your natural hair.

  • Add waves, curls, or crimps to the extensions using a curling iron. This helps blend with the texture of your natural hair.

  • Have your stylist trim and thin out the extensions to match the layering and texture of your hair for the best blend.


  • High ponytails - Divide hair into a sleek high ponytail, then clip wefts underneath to the ponytail base for added length and volume.

  • Braids - For styling options like french or fishtail braids, use the extensions to add thickness and length before braiding as desired.

  • Buns and updos - Twist hair into a messy bun, then wrap the 20-inch wefts loosely around the bun base for a fuller, elegant updo.

  • Half-up styles - Create a half updo by pulling back the top front of your hair, then clip extensions underneath to double the half-pony length.

  • Volume and layers - For maximum body, focus the 20-inch wefts on the mid-lengths and ends, blending up to your natural layers on top.

  • Overnight heat styles - Wrap large waves, curls or crimps into the extensions for glam waves that last through the next day.

Where to Shop for High-Quality 20 Inch Clip-In Hair Extensions

Variety of high-quality 20-inch clip-in hair extensions from different online retailers

Foxy Hair is an extension heaven with the most popular options in different shades. Ask your stylist, too - salons may sell quality extensions suited for your hair type. For direct shopping, popular extension brands' own websites are the way to go. Know what you want by comparing materials, length, thickness, and application. While shopping online, it’s very important for you to read reviews and check the product details to ensure you’re purchasing high-quality extensions. Look for extensions made of high-grade materials like 100% human hair as well as thick and heavy enough to blend naturally with your hair.

Online Retailers

Searching for clip-ins online is so easy and convenient. You can browse tons of options for 20-inch extensions right from your couch! We at Foxy Hair are known to offer a wide range of extensions to choose from.

Why Foxy Hair?

Foxy Hair makes it easy for you to shop for quality clip-ins. Our hair is 100% Remy human hair, ethically sourced from partners. As a direct company, savings get passed to you. Returns are easy and our customer service is exceptional too.

We focus on volume and luxury, soft and silky hair without the big price tag. Our trendy styles made for all ages, races, and styles.

We at Foxy Hair offer a wide range of hair extensions.  If you have been dreaming of Rapunzel hair for a long time,  Foxy Hair produce stunning colors from platinum to hazelnut, dual tones too. If you are unsure of an ideal match, we offer suggestions, too. You can just send your hair photos for custom shade suggestions.


Clip-in extensions allow you to instantly add length and volume. Their versatility lets you get creative with styling like wearing your hair up, down, curly or straight. To seamlessly blend, match the color and texture to your natural hair. A major perk is the low maintenance part- you just clip it in and go!

Take care of them by gently brushing, washing when needed, and storing properly so they last. Whether buying online or in-store, ensure a proper match to your hair's color and texture. It may take practice to master application and styling, but you'll be a pro in no time! With clip-ins, beautiful hair transformations are now achievable. Try Foxy Hair

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is 20 inches hair?

20 inch hair reaches around the bust area.

Is it easy to apply 20-inch clip-in hair extensions?

Yes, applying 20-inch clip-in hair extensions is easy to apply even at home.

What types of 20-inch clip-in hair extensions are available?

You can choose between Remy human hair extensions or synthetic ones, both available in various textures like straight, wavy, and curly to suit your preference.

How do I choose the perfect shade for my 20-inch clip-in hair extensions?

You can easily find the perfect shade for your 20-inch clip-in hair extensions by taking advantage of free color matching services offered by Foxy Hair. Just send us photos of your hair, and we'll recommend the ideal match for you.

How do I care for my 20-inch clip-in hair extensions?

To care for your 20-inch clip-in hair extensions, wash and condition them every 12-15 uses, or once a month, and store them in a dry, cool spot away from sunlight to keep them clean and fresh.

Key Takeaways

  • Instantly transform your look with 20-inch clip-ins which adds volume and length fast.

  • Hair extensions offer versatile styling and easy, low maintenance application.

  • Choose Remy over synthetic hair in various textures and shades for a natural look.

  • Clip ins create dramatic yet seamless hair changes quickly and easily.