Your Styling Guide for Clip in Extensions in Short Hair

Your Styling Guide for Clip in Extensions in Short Hair

Styling your hair is a great way to express yourself and get creative. Your hair length really impacts the kind of styles you can pull off. People with longer locks have more options for intricate 'dos. Those with short hair used to be restricted in what they could do.

Long hair is often seen as timeless, youthful, feminine and soft. Short hair can give off a vibe of confidence, stylishness, professionalism and individuality. Whether you're working with long or short, you've probably found yourself wishing you could switch it up at some point.

And with clip-in hair extensions, it can totally transform short haistyles. This guide will teach you how to choose the right length, texture and color extensions for your hair type and properly secure them in short hair so they stay in place.

Different types of Hair Extensions Suitable for Short Hair
Variety of clip-in hair extensions in different colors and textures

Shorter hair has a special charm. It can look incredibly chic and stylish. But sometimes you want longer hair to create certain styles. That's where Foxy Hair®  helps. We can help you get the hairstyles you dream of without waiting for your own natural hair to grow long.

But what types will you consider when picking your extensions? Here are some types:

  1. Keratin bond extensions adhere to small sections of your extremely short hair using heat. The bonds match your natural texture for a seamless look. They create a durable attachment to securely wear the extensions.

  2. Nano-ring extensions work extremely well for extremely short hair. The tiny rings clamp onto tiny sections, blending with your natural texture. Bobby pins can help secure the nano-rings, letting you wear extensions even with thin hair. This method is discreet and lightweight.

  3. Clip-in extensions discretely clip onto extremely short or thin hair. Bobby pins help secure them in place to wear the extensions. You can easily put them in and take them out without damaging your natural texture.

  4. Sew-in extensions get professionally sewn onto extremely short braided hair. They add volume and length without damage, working with any natural texture. Regular maintenance helps securely wear the sewn-in extensions.

  5. Tape-in extensions provide a flat, natural appearance. They blend beautifully with extremely short hair of any texture. Simply sandwich sections of your thin hair between the tape-in wefts to wear extensions. Tape-ins are easy to apply and comfortable.

Choosing the Right Hair Extension

Once you've figured out the best type of extensions for you from Foxy Hair®, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing which ones to get:

Length: Match length to your haircut. With pixies and bobs, gentle length and volume blends best. For shoulder or longer styles, try dramatic length. Well-matched length ensures flawless blending.

Texture: Texture determines if extensions naturally blend with hair or obviously stick out. Straight hair must match straight extensions, and curly matches with curly, so the added hair looks like it seamlessly grows from your own head.

Color: Match color perfectly for an undetectable blend:

  • Note your undertones, highlights and overall shade

  • Choose extensions that closely match or are customizable

  • Well-matched color boosts a flawless, natural look

Quality: Quality blends best, lasts longer, and styles like your own hair. Foxy Hair®’s human and Remy hair clip ins are the top choice for a blended look.

Consultation: Expert advice ensures perfect shade and style matching. Foxy Hair®'s shade match service, product selection help and style consultations take the guesswork out of choosing the right extensions.

Preparing Your Hair for Clip in Extensions

Layering clip-in extensions for natural blend with short hair
Getting your hair ready is really important before you try extensions for the first time. Proper prep makes sure your hair is a smooth, tangle-free base for the new look. Here's what you need to do to get prepped:

Clean and Dry Hair

Washing and fully drying your hair first is super important for clip-ins to stay secure and blend well. When your hair is clean, there's no product or oil to make the clips slide around and fall out. This helps the extensions really grip your hair for a stable fit.

Dirty, oily hair can cause the clips to loosen over time before your next wash. But clean hair keeps the extensions firmly in place from start to finish. The clips blend best with your own hair when it's clean too. Any buildup or oil can make the texture and color look off.

Sectioning and Pinning

Sectioning your hair helps blend hair extensions. Follow these steps for extra volume and height:

Start at the nape of your neck. Make straight, flat parts going upwards with a comb. Secure each section with pins. This allows you to access and smooth hair underneath for proper placement at the desired height.

Doing it bottom to top allows extensions to lie flat as hair blends. This lets the adhesive tape stick securely for natural fullness. The extensions will be smooth with no bumps.

Application Techniques for Seamless Blending

Styling clip-in extensions with short hair using heat toolsNow that your hair is prepped, it's time to for the application process! How can you get them to blend perfectly with short hair? Use these tricks:

Layering Extensions

Layering creates a natural look - no blunt "shelf" of thicker hair. Place clips higher up to cover short layers which is sometimes because of bad haircuts. Always set your mind that you need to hide your real hair. Make a long mega-weft for maximum coverage. Clip two 3-clip strips as one weft at the back near your eyebrows. This gives you a wide first weft that conceals more. With very short hair, angle the first weft clips forward. This lets your real hair blend underneath at the sides.

Customizing Wefts

Customizing clip-ins can help them blend better with your hair. Foxy Hair's easy tips to make that happen:

  • Snip some face-framing layers in the front to match up with any shorter layers you already have. It'll seriously blend better.

  • Clip in individual wefts behind your ears if you need a little extra oomph back there.

  • Trim the ends vertically with scissors. It avoids that fake blunt haircut look.

  • You can always get them trimmed by a stylist while clipped into your hair. They'll know how to blend them to perfection.

  • If you're working with short hair, go for thinner clip-in wefts or tape-ins. Teasing your real hair at the roots helps disguise those clips.

Securing Extensions

Properly securing clip-ins is super important. It keeps them from slipping around and prevents breakage of your real hair. We suggest using a volumizing mousse or spray first. It gives your hair a bit more texture and grip so the clips can latch on tight.

Right before clipping pieces in, do a little teasing/backcombing at the roots of your sections. It creates a thicker base for hold and adds some volume perks. Be sure to use clips that have silicone or rubber grips. Those attach securely minus any hair-pulling or damage.

Hair Styles for Clip in Extensions with Short Hair

Proper storage of clip-in extensions in a cool, dry placeWith a little creativity, you can endless hairstyles with Foxy Hair® clip-in extensions in short hair. These are some few ideas:

  1. Half-Up, Half-Down: This classic look works for all lengths. Clip extensions at nape for volume. Pull top section into mini ponytail or bun, leaving some hair out at crown. Let bottom sections fall in waves or curls. Works with straight, curly or braided textures.

  2. Ponytail: Add volume by clipping tracks near crown. Pull into sleek high pony for drama or low pony for sporty. Curl ends under for bounce.

  3. Fishtail Braid: Clip in pieces near nape then start braiding there. Cross sections left to right down head. Incorporate more hair as you go. Finish with tidy plait. Define shape with ribbon or bobby pins.

  4. Hollywood Waves: Perfect for glam nights out. Clip extensions in back for length and thickness. Curl locks loosely with large barrel iron. Pin curls as they cool. Finger-comb for tousled, bouncy waves.

  5. Updos: Dazzle at formal events with an upstyle. Clip pieces near crown and sides for fullness. Sweep into smooth bun, twisting hair before wrapping into chignon with donut. Pin and spray for hold. Add braided accents.

  6. Dutch Braid: Show off braiding skills. Clip wefts at temples first for volume in front. Start regular three-strand braid at temple, only adding top hair. Makes braid sit on top. Braid diagonally across head and secure ends.

  7. Messy bun: This is a great way to add volume and texture to your hair. Clip in your extensions at the crown of your head, then gather your hair into a loose bun. You can leave some strands of hair loose for a more relaxed look.

  8. Headband braid: This is a fun and unique hairstyle that is perfect for summer. Clip in your extensions at the temple, then braid your hair around your head like a headband. You can secure the braid with bobby pins or hair tie.

Always remember to apply a heat protectant before using heat styling tools to prevent damage.

Caring for Your Clip in Extensions

Proper storage of clip-in extensions in a cool, dry placeYour Foxy Hair® extensions, much like your own skin, require proper TLC to look their best. Here are some ways you can take care of it:

Washing and Conditioning

To keep the texture and shine of your clip-ins, washing and conditioning regularly is a must.

Before clipping in, get them freshly washed and cleaned. Then repeat every 15-20 wears or when product buildup is visible. Use warm water and a gentle shampoo to wash each weft thoroughly. Coat them in conditioner root to tip and let them soak 5-10 minutes, then rinse. Human hair extensions like Foxy Hair® are more flexible for styling and products than synthetics.

Storing Extensions

Properly storing clip-in extensions can extend their lifespan. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Remove extensions nightly to avoid excess pulling on natural hair over time.

  • Keep extensions in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight to prevent damage and fading.

  • Store in original packaging or airtight containers once fully dry - moisture causes mold buildup.

  • Use a specialized hair extension carrier to allow styled pieces to hang and air dry before storage.

  • Number/label wefts to simplify reapplication in the correct placements across the head.

Avoiding Damage

Taking steps to prevent clip-in damage adds to their lifespan. Follow these care tips:

  • Gently squeeze out excess water with a towel after washing. Don't vigorously rub.

  • Use a loop brush, starting at the ends and working up. Avoids snags.

  • Always air-dry by laying flat or hanging up. Avoid heat tools that can cause damage.

Also, don't overwear them in tight styles daily for months. This can lead to breakage and hair loss over time. But don't believe the myth - high-quality extensions from Foxy Hair® don't prevent natural hair growth if cared for properly. Treat them well and they'll last and blend beautifully!


Wearing extensions open up exciting new styles for short hair. They instantly add volume, length and dimension. Choosing the right extensions is key - we obviously recommend Foxy Hair® for high quality and seamless blending, as they're of the highest quality. Prep hair properly before clipping them in, apply clips correctly and style for maximum impact, and take good care of your new tresses.

With these tips, you can rock clip-in extensions with total confidence. Ditch hair frustration and get the locks you've always wanted with Foxy Hair®. Transform your look today by choosing your shade and checking out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear clip in extensions with short hair?

Yes, you can wear clip-in extensions with short hair.

What extensions are best for very short hair?

For very short hair, clip-in extensions are the best choice. They let you quickly go from short to long hairstyles and back again.

Can you add extensions to a pixie cut?

Yes, you can add extensions to a pixie cut.

How do I choose between human and synthetic hair extensions?

Pick human hair extensions if you want a seamless blend with your natural hair. Also choose them if you need extensions that last longer or want to style them more. Synthetic extensions can save money, but may look less realistic.

How do I prepare my hair for clip-in extensions?

To prepare your hair for clip-in extensions, wash and dry it, then brush it to remove any tangles or knots.

Key Takeaways

  • Clip-in extensions should match your natural hair's texture and thickness. Choose the right length too. Decide between human or synthetic hair based on your budget and blending needs.

  • Before putting in extensions, wash, dry, and section your hair. This helps the extensions fit securely and seamlessly to prevent slippage.

  • Apply extensions properly in layers using secure clips. Customize wefts as needed. Style with waves, updos, or heat tools.

  • Maintain extensions by regularly washing and conditioning. Brush carefully. Store properly to prevent damage. Replace when needed.