7 Chic Hairstyles That Hide Hair Extensions Perfectly

7 Chic Hairstyles That Hide Hair Extensions Perfectly

If you've ever been out then all of a sudden pause in fear as you catch a glimpse of your clip-ins in plain sight? The first thing you should know is that there's nothing wrong with you or your extensions! If anything it's a common scenario, and we're here to show you exactly how you prevent this from happening again. So read on to see the 7 hairstyles you can make that will expertly blend your extensions, leaving them virtually undetectable... and crazy cute and stylish, too. 😉

Key Takeaways

  • Half-up and half-down hairstyles are both versatile and perfect for hiding extensions. With a little playing around along with strategic hair placement, this hairstyle creates a natural look and can give some great volume.

  • Low ponytails and textured styles like braids and buns are timeless styles and great for concealing extensions. While learning some of these styles might take a minute, it'll be so worth it as you'll soon become an expert at techniques such as wrapping hair around the base, adding waves, and placing wefts strategically.

  • Beach waves and bohemian braids provide a carefree look that you can't go wrong in. These looks naturally camouflage extensions, while other quick styles like a headband tuck or a high ponytail offer fast solutions that focus on volume and (easy) strategic placement.

Nailing the Half-Up, Half-Down Look

Woman With Half-Up, Half-Down Look With Hair Extensions

Half-up, half-down hairstyles are the go-to if you're looking for a simple yet show stopping 'do. Versatile enough to be casual or chic, the half-up, half-down sets the perfect stage to keep those hair extensions incognito. While you might want to play around with it a little to see what placement works best for you, once you nail it, the half-up hairstyle will no doubt become a staple. We at Roxy Hair love it as it can give the appearance of more volume while keeping the look natural.

For those who are new to extensions, start by tracing them with your fingers while pulling your hair back, making sure that you're leaving a small amount of your own hair above the wefts to act as a buffer. If you are using multiple wefts, try adding them gradually before securing them up into a ponytail. If you're not used to hair stying, the half-up is a great way to build confidence before you work your way up to more intricate designs.

The Braided Half-Up Twist

woman with Braided Half-Up Twist hairstyle and hair extensions

If you love the look of a half-up, but want something with just a little more, you're going to love the braided half-up twist. This style is a guaranteed head-turner, yet can be used as an everyday style or when you want to make a statement.

Start by blending your natural hair with your hair extensions by thoroughly brushing both together until they're indistinguishable. Then you'll need to create two triangle-shaped sections by your temples and braid them backward, away from your face. This will create a natural 'drape', adding a little extra something to the look. Once your braids are in place, gently loosen the strands to some fullness - this can be especially helpful for those with thinner hair.

Finally, twist the braids around each other at the back of your head and secure with mini hair pins such as bobby-pins. The result? A gorgeous half-up hairstyle that turn heads while perfectly hiding your extensions.

The Half Ponytail

Sexy Woman The Half Ponytail and Clip In Hair Extensions Going For Dinner Date

For a ✨sleeker vibe✨, we just love the half ponytail. This style is great because it can be dressed up, meaning that it will look good with a blazer or even a little black dress. And of course, it’s just as great at keeping your extensions hidden.

To begin, start by straightening or curling your own hair so that it matches the texture of your extensions. The key to nailing this look is precision, so start by gathering the top half of your hair while smoothing any bumps or loose hairs with a fine-tooth comb. Using a smidge of serum or pomade will help to keep any stray hairs in line and blend them naturally with the extensions.

Once your ponytail is perfected, follow these steps to clip in your clip in hair extensions:

  1. Make sure that the extensions lay flat and are invisible against your scalp.

  2. Brush your hair and the extensions together to blend well.

  3. Hide any tracks with bobby pins.

  4. Seal the deal with a spritz of strong-hold hairspray.

The Low Ponytail

Sexy woman with an undetectable low ponytail hair extensions

No doubt about it, the low ponytail is a classic—and a genius way to hide extensions. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Start at the nape of your neck, and attach the extension starting from the front and working towards the back so that a natural drape of hair falls over the wefts.

  2. Use a brush to gather your hair back into that smooth, sleek pull-back.

  3. To bring the look up a notch, take a hair strand from the extension and wrap it around the base of your ponytail to camouflage the hair elastic.

Roxy tip: Choose a microfiber or soft hair tie to keep your ponytail in place, which is kinder to your hair and prevents uncomfortable tugging. This is especially if you have thinner hair or a sensitive scalp.

Adding Texture

Waves or curls are combined with a ponytail make an extra special kind of magic, while acting as a perfect blending trick that makes extensions virtually disappear into your natural hair. Texturizing sprays or dry shampoos can be a great blending tool for your hair and the extensions. Waves and curls are really the ultimate way to look effortlessly put together.

P.S. Don’t be afraid to go a little messy - letting a few strands out to frame your face will compliment the style’s natural vibe.

How to Build the Perfect Bun

Woman with a perfect bun and hidden hair extensions

We're excited about this one, Foxies. A bun is one of the easiest hairstyles to make and maintain, while blending in your extensions like a pro. Buns come in all shapes and sizes - from the messy high bun to the sleek low bun and you can customise each one depending on where your extensions are placed...

All in 3 simple steps:

  1. Place your extensions around the perimeter of your head.

  2. Twist your natural hair into a bun, making sure that the wefts are out of sight before you secure it in place.

  3. For a bun with more personality, add some waves or curls and fluff it up for fullness before making a bun.

Think of these steps as the template to work from, and experiment with the placements that work best for you. Low buns are really in lately, making them an obvious choice for many. A messy high bun though, when done right, is perfection. Also try letting a few strands escape and a couple light sprays of hairspray to lock the look in place. And if you’re pressed for time, remember that a bun is not only a hairstyle that hides extensions well, but it’s also one of the quickest styles to pull off when every minute counts.

The Top Knot Variation

Because the top knot is a bun like no other, we're giving it a section all on its own. The top knot is essentially a stylish twist on the classic bun and is perfect for anything from a casual brunch to an evening out. 😉

Start by creating a small half-up half-down section, and clip in your extensions starting from your neck and moving upwards. This will make a voluminous base for your knot. Then, use a spritz of texture spray and wrap your ponytail into a knot around the crown of your head. Your final step will be to secure it with pins... and there you go! A style that’s as secure as it is stylish.

Creating Natural-Looking Beach Waves

Beach waves are not only the quintessential carefree hairstyle (and the envy of those around them), they're also a carefree look that works disguise extensions—like, really well. The best part about beach waves in our opinion is their ability to be perfectly imperfect, meaning that any minor mismatches with your extensions will likely go unnoticed.

Start with damp hair and use some thickening spray or mousse in your hands to scrunch and blend the product in your hair. Then, blow-dry your hair upside down to boost the volume at the roots. Once your hair is dry, curl small sections with a curling iron, wand, or a 3-barrel waver. The key is to leave the ends out to mimic the natural ebb and flow of the ocean’s waves.

This style is perfect to camouflage shorter and longer extensions, making it the perfect go-to style.

The Best Braids for Extensions

Woman with elegantly concealed extensions in braided hairstyles

Braids are the quintessential hairstyle for all hair colours, lengths, and textures. Oh, and they're also amazing for hiding extensions. The most popular braid styles we love to mask extensions are:

  • French braids

  • Double Dutch braids

  • Regular braids

  • Fishtail braids

We suggest parting your hair from the top to the back of the neck when creating French or double Dutch braids as this will make sure that your extensions stay hidden. If you’re working with natural beaded rows, you’ll find that they tuck away more easily than smaller-piece extensions like tape-ins or I-Tip extensions, which may need a more meticulous braiding. Once you’ve woven your braid, the trick is to pancake it—gently pulling at each loop. This will give a fuller appearance that will also hide the extensions underneath.

The Bohemian Braided Crown

The Bohemian Braided Crown is a romantic style that never actually goes out of style. It's also another great way to secure extensions.

For this hairstyle, start by creating two small French braids at the front of your head and work each braid towards the back, finishing at the nape of the neck. Then, secure your braids with a thin headband that's tucked underneath the rest of your hair. Thus hairband method will not only keep your extensions hidden but will also keeps the rest of your hair in place throughout the day.

The Quick and Easy Headband Tuck

If you're in a rush out the door and need something quick and easy, the headband tuck has got your back. This style is especially a lifesaver on second or third-day hair, where all you have to do is literally just throw on a headband that complements your outfit. Seriously... it's that easy. This headband trick is ideal for hiding shorter extensions, but it can work for longer extensions too.

The High Ponytail Illusion

woman with high ponytail and hidden hair extensions

The high ponytail isn't as simple as throwing your hair up in a hair tie. What you're really doing is creating an illusion of volume that also cleverly keeps your extensions hidden from view. Here's how you can nail this look:

  1. Flip your head over to gather your hair, guiding the wefts in a direction that looks natural and full.

  2. Secure everything in with a hair elastic.

  3. Tease the shorter layers at the front.

This teasing technique not only helps with the illusion of fuller hair, but it also creates a smooth gradient into the length of the extensions, making your hair flawless from every angle. Genius, we know.


No matter if you're going for a laid-back beachy vibe or a sleek updo, there’s definitely a hairstyle out there that’s perfect for keeping extensions out of sight. Anything from romantic braids to a quick headband tuck, these hairstyles are not just about looking good, they’re about feeling confident as you go about your day - while keeping your extensions seamlessly blended with your natural hair. And if someone asks you what your secret is to your gorgeous, full hair? Don't worry... we won't say a word. 😉

Frequently Asked Questions

How to style hair with extensions?

To style extensions in with your natural hair, it's always best to divide your hair into sections and curl small sections away from your face, working from the bottom to the top. You can also try curling wider sections for a slightly undone and effortless look.

How to hide hair extensions in ponytail?

To hide hair extensions in a ponytail, gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure it with a hair elastic. The placement of the ponytail is perfect for hiding hair extensions while looking polished.

How to hide tape in extensions in thin hair?

Choosing the right extensions is so important when hiding tape-in extensions in thin hair. Then you'll want to find a safe place for the wefts so you can create a solid base. From there you need to layer the extensions and brush your hair again after clipping the extensions.

How do I prevent my bun from looking bulky with extensions?

To prevent your bun from looking bulky with extensions, place them close to the edge of your head. Fluffing the bun up for fullness is another great technique, and try letting a few strands loose for a more relaxed look.

Are beach waves a good option for thinner hair with extensions?

Absolutely! Beach waves are a great way to add volume to thinner hair with extensions, and they also help naturally blend in the extensions for a mermaid-like look. Once you try it, you'll be hooked!